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Labour Inducing Foods & Drinks

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Pregnancy becomes a little difficult when the belly grows bigger during the last trimester. This is the phase in which even finding your feet hidden beneath your bump becomes a hide-and-seek game.

When you are almost at your due date, signs of irritability and impatience in seeing your baby crawl up. But, it is during this time of your pregnancy where you need to relax, breathe and take it easy.

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If you are struggling with your pregnancy after passing the due date, there are several ways in which you can induce labour in the most natural way.

Experts state that one must follow a certain diet, by which you can induce labour pain with the help of foods and certain beverages.

Today, Boldsky shares with you some of the safest and most effective labour-inducing foods you can try out.

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These foods mentioned on the list are blessed with elements that can naturally contract the uterus causing labour.

So, let's take a look at how you can induce labour contractions in the most simplest way. (If you're suffering from certain food allergies, it is wise to consult your doctor before consuming these foods):



Pineapple is one of the best foods you can consume if you have passed your due date. This vitamin C fruit contains an enzyme called bromelain, which helps soften the cervix and stimulates the smooth muscles to induce labour.



Licorice root is another food, which is healthy for you to consume. Since licorice contains a compound called glycyrrhizin, this compound plays a role in increasing the prostaglandins involved in contraction of the uterus, thereby increasing labour.



Garlic is one of the richest spices you can add to your everyday meals. Garlic contains properties that will enable and stimulate labour pain in no time.


Spicy Food:

Spicy food is the mother of labour inducers. If you have passed your due date, all you need to do is to control your emotions and binge on spicy food. However, you should be careful, as too much of spice can also trigger an upset tummy.


Fibre Foods:

Fibre foods too have a share part of inducing labour naturally. However, too much of fibre can make you feel bloated. So, to accompany the intake of fibre, balance your meals with fluids too.


Raspberry Tea:

There is something in a cup of raspberry tea that enables the contraction of the uterus. When you sip on this delicious tea, be careful not to consume too much, as it is also a heat-induced fruit, when converted to a tea syrup.


Chinese Food:

With the added sauces, chilli herbs and spices, no doubt that you will run into labour. Chinese food helps to make the mother feel more relaxed and at easy, even during the contractions.


Egg Plant Or Brinjal:

Eggplant is a healthy vegetable, and when you add basil and oregano to the eggplant dish, they act as labour-inducing agents. Therefore, to induce labour pain after the due date in the most natural form, you should try this healthy vegetable.

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Story first published: Wednesday, April 27, 2016, 13:30 [IST]
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