Important Questions You Should Ask Your Gynecologist During Pregnancy

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You may hear to many do's and don'ts during the time of your pregnancy. Infact, every passerby may hand you a note of good advice. This makes sense, as the 9 months of your pregnancy can be both fun and a time to be more careful and alert.

It is not the question of your well-being only, but the little one's well-being too who is growing inside you. To get a healthy baby, there are many precautions that you have to follow, as you own the responsibility of your newborn from the time of his/her conception.

You need to be extra cautious when you're nearing the delivery date. At that time, don't hesitate to ask your gynaecologist some important questions that may come in your mind at a later point.

If you start taking stress and tension because of some questions in your mind regarding labour and delivery, this can create complications during the child birth.

Therefore, here are some of the important questions that you need to ask your gynaecologist.


What Happens To My Baby Immediately After Birth?

You must know that your newborn can't control his/her body temperature. You must keep your baby's body warm and dry. You can hold your baby close to your chest to give him or her the much required warmth.


What To Eat During Labour?

You must avoid eating heavy meals during labour, as it can cause problems during delivery. Have lighter snacks and sip on some juice if you are feeling hungry. Avoid fatty and oily foods. The best foods for you during labour are curd, chicken soup, celery, noodles, etc.


When Can I Start Breastfeeding After Giving Birth?

You must immediately breastfeed your baby after giving birth. The first feed must be given immediately, as, at that time, your milk is rich in infection-fighting antibodies and many other nutrients. If your baby has trouble latching on, don't worry he/she will gradually learn to suck the milk.


How Long Does My Baby Need To Remain In The Hospital After Delivery?

If your baby is healthy and you've had a normal delivery then you can be discharged soon after 24 to 48 hours after delivery. However, for a caesarean section, you need to stay in the hospital for some more days, as you need special care.


Can I Take A Bath During Labour

You must take a shower before starting your labour. However, if you don't have any complications during pregnancy, or some serious distress during labour, then it is safe to take a bath during labour. However, the water should not be too hot neither too cold.


Is There Any Risk Of Labour Complications?

You must ask your gynaecologist about any related complications associated with the labour or delivery. This will help to set your mind accordingly, and you won't get panicked at that minute. If you are stressed during labour, it can lead to complications during delivery, as this produces stress hormones in the body.


What Is The Right Time To Get Admitted To The Hospital After Labour Begins?

There will be a lot of confusion, especially for the first-time moms to-be, as they will not know when the labour actually begins. Sometimes, there is a false labour pain and you may think it to be a real labour pain. Therefore, you must talk to your doctor regarding this and when you can expect the labour and when you can get admitted to the hospital.

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