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7 Crazy Things That Happen To Your Body During Pregnancy


Pregnancy is a time when your body goes through a lot of changes, in which you may like some of the changes; however, other changes may be totally unacceptable such as skin pigmentation.

The hormones produced during pregnancy have a huge influence on the skin, hair and other parts of the body. These hormones, such as progesterone, oestrogen, etc, are important to carry your baby in the womb successfully for 9 months.

For some women, their skin becomes glowing and fair and for others their skin may get dry and itchy. This depends on how your body reacts to the pregnancy hormones

However, for all women hair gets thicker and stronger. Pregnant women may experience less hair fall, but after the completion of pregnancy, they may tend to lose more hair.

Pregnancy is a time when many things happen to your body that may seem crazy for you. Each pregnancy case can differ from the other with each women facing many crazy things happening to her body.

Let's have a look at some of the crazy things that happen to your body during pregnancy.


Stronger And Shinier Hair

During pregnancy, your hair gets thick, shiny, grows faster and there is negligible hair loss. This is because of the hormone progesterone that is secreted during pregnancy. This hormone not only helps to carry the baby, but also is good for your hair.


Bigger Breasts And Nipples

During pregnancy, the blood flow to your breasts increases and other hormonal influences cause your breasts to get bigger in size. The nipples also get darker in colour. Not only that, your breasts become tender, sore and painful. This may remain till the end of the first term.


Skin Gets Beautiful

For some lucky women, skin becomes more glowing, shiny and fair, and for some, skin gets worse. Some women get pimples, acne, dry skin and skin allergies during pregnancy. This is because of the pregnancy hormones that may react differently in different women.


More Hair Growth On The Skin

During pregnancy, there will be more hair growth on your chin, cheeks, upper lip, sides of the face, legs, arms, and belly. This is because there is excess secretion of male sexual hormone, androgen, during pregnancy.


Long And Strong Nails

Your nails will also grow faster and stronger during pregnancy. However, some women may have the opposite. Some women may experience weak and fragile nails during those 9 months of pregnancy.


Large Feet

During pregnancy, your feet get swollen and become larger in size. You may find it difficult to wear your footwear. You must buy a pair of comfortable shoes during this time, as this will remain the same until your pregnancy completes.


Skin Pigmentation

During pregnancy, most women get dark pigmented patches on the face, mostly on the upper cheeks and centre of the nose. This condition is caused by the excess of melanin produced in the skin during pregnancy, known as Melasma and is called "the mask of pregnancy".

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