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Be Aware! Pregnant Women Must Be Very Cautious About These Things

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In today's life, when everything that comes to us is laden with harmful chemicals, this can increase the risk for many mental issues in children too such as autism, attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD) and dyslexia.

Pregnant women may eat food that is contaminated with harmful chemicals and then these chemicals may enter the baby's blood too. These chemicals can show their dangerous effects on the baby's brain.

These toxins retard the mental growth of a baby and when the baby grows up, he/she may face problems in learning, memorising things, behavioural issues, etc.

This is a very serious concern today, as most of the babies are born with one or the other mental impairment issues. Hence, pregnant women must take some pains to find out about these hidden toxins that can be present in some common items.

These chemicals may be present in the water that you drink, your makeup products, shampoos, plastic bottles, vegetables, fruits, fish, etc.

So, read on the article to know about these common chemicals that can cause serious mental issues in children.


Decreased IQ - Fluoride

Fluoride may be present in toothpaste and water, processed foods and beverages. Check for the presence of fluoride in water and other things that you use during pregnancy, as its exposure in pregnancy causes a decreased IQ level in the baby.


Impaired Mental Growth - Lead

Lead can be present in cosmetic products, water, newspaper, etc. Avoid using lipsticks, certain chemical shampoos, eating in newspaper bits, as you may ingest lead. Lead causes low IQ, birth defects and an impaired brain development in the baby when present in excess.


Brain Damage And An Impaired Mental Growth - Mercury

You must avoid fish during pregnancy, as it contains the toxic element mercury. It affects the development of a baby's brain and may cause mental retardation in the child. This is one of the toxic chemicals to avoid during pregnancy. Hence, make sure not to consume excess of fish during pregnancy.


Weak Memory And Learning Issues - Arsenic

Arsenic may be present in drinking water and some vegetables, as it is present in the soil. Wash the vegetables well and check for the arsenic presence in water. Arsenic causes learning and behavioural disabilities in children.


Mental Abnormalities - Pesticides

Chemical pesticides such as DDT and others can cause various mental abnormalities in children, which remains mostly until the age 7. Therefore, pregnant ladies must wash all the fruits and vegetables well to remove all the pesticides or choose to eat organic varieties of fruits and vegetables.


Attention Deficit Disorder - Toluene

Toluene is present in nylon, plastic bottles and polythene, nail paints, dyes, etc. Avoid all these products in pregnancy, as they can result in attention deficit disorder and a weakened memory in children.


Weak Memory - Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCB)

This chemical is found in some fishes and certain food items. It decreases mental growth in babies and a baby born with this problem will face problems in memorising things and recalling events.

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Story first published: Saturday, January 30, 2016, 8:30 [IST]
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