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10 Easy Steps To Check Pregnancy

By Debdatta Mazumder

Did you know that pregnancy test can be done at home? When you realise its a “yes” then the obvious question that one would get are: How to do pregnancy test at home? Or what are the different methods of pregnancy test available at home. Now lets go step by step to find out the easy ways to test pregnancy at home.

As the journey of a girl culminates or on that verge of culmination in motherhood then its o, a wonderful feeling which spreads over your mind. What better way to double your joy with simple pregnancy tests at home. Every woman wants to be mother at the correct time of their life. It is the blessing of God to women as he raises them to his place for 9 months. Nourishing a little life in you, protecting it from everything and finally let it see the light of the beautiful earth soothe all your pain you go through. So, being a mother is definitely the largest happiness you can receive in this mortal world.


When will you know that you are receiving that good news? There are some symptoms which may lead you or the doctors to know if you are pregnant or not. But, there are some pregnancy test which you can try and get to know the truth. Pregnancy test at home can be done by some pregnancy kits available in market. But there are certain methods of pregnancy test at home which may indicate your pregnancy.

So, this article is for you who want to confirm their pregnancy with some home remedies for pregnancy test before consulting any doctors or clinics


The Collected Urine Test

Pregnancy test at home includes this to get a surely positive result. Collect your urine in a bottle and keep it untouched for 3-4 hours. If a white foam type substance comes on the surface of urine, then you may be pregnant.


Signs Of Pregnancy

Do you have a nauseate feeling when you raise in morning? Have your normal periodic cycle is stopped for a month or two? Have you gained sudden weight? Then there is a chance of your pregnancy.


Try Toothpaste Test

This is one of the best home remedies for pregnancy test. Take few drops of your first urine and add it to toothpaste. If after some time, toothpaste turns into blue or becomes frothy, then chances are there to be pregnant.


Go For Bleach Test

You have heard about pregnancy test at home. Do you know that bleaching powder is a very good indicator of your pregnancy? Take some bleaching powder and add it with the first urine of yours. If the solution gets foamy or fizzy, then you can be pregnant.


Take Body Heating Test

How can you know that sudden stopping of period is for pregnancy and not for any irregularity? Mustard is an enhancer of body heat. Mix two cups in your bath tub and soak your body for 15-20 minutes. Then bath in lukewarm water. If your period does not start within a week, then you can be pregnant.


Dandelion Test

Do you have a dandelion plant in your home? Then take few leaves and soak it in your urine sample. If you see red marks on the leaves after 10 minutes, then it is a clear indication of your pregnancy.


Soap Test

This is also one of the home remedies for pregnancy test. Collect your first urine in a bottle and add soap lather into it. If the solution get lots bubbles, then you can have chance to be pregnant. Try it and see how it works.


Tuna Juice And Vinegar Approach

Collect the first urine and add it with the equal portion of tuna juice and vinegar. If the solution turns into green, then you are pregnant. If it turns into yellow or orange, then you are not.


Try Peroxide And Tylenol Test

Collect your first urine in morning in a bowl and add these ingredients to it. If the solution changes into blue, then you are pregnant. If not, then you have to wait for the good news.


Go For Sugar Test

If you want home remedies for pregnancy test then go for sugar test. Collect your first urine in a bowl and add 2-3 spoons of sugar in it. If it forms clumps instead of dissolving, then you can have a positive result.

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