Third Month Of Pregnancy: Common Symptoms

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Third Month Pregnancy Symptoms
Congratulations! On your successful third month pregnancy. This is the right time to cheer and announce as the chances of miscarriage and other problems are comparatively less. Follow what your doctor says carefully and strictly. This is the time to see your little baby bump and feel good.

The fetal growth week by week is faster and you may feel his movement. The bones of the baby are hardening. His eyes are big and open, eyelids are yet to develop, ears have formed.

The baby is no longer an embryo but a fetus and his/her tail is vanished. At this stage, it is still hard to differentiate whether it is boy or a girl.

Third Month Pregnancy Symptoms

1. Even the 12 weeks pregnant mother will have to undergo a lot of body changes. Her third month pregnancy symptoms are more or less same as the second month. She often feels nauseatic, mood swings, food cravings, weight gain, PMS symptoms, heart burns etc.

2. She requires a lot of calcium in her diet as the baby bones and teeth development takes place in the third month pregnancy. Green leafy vegetables, cheeses, broccoli need to be included in the daily diet.

3. With the fetal growth week by week, the 'mom to be' feels her clothes getting tighter so prefers wearing flexible, loose fit outfits. She feels very tired and weepy.

4. She will experience change in hair growth, toe nails, finger nails and skin. She needs to take a good care of her teeth by brushing and flossing regularly. Since the body is undergoing a lot of hormonal changes, she will have to relax and follow proper diet.

5. She may develop stretch marks on her abdomen, breasts and buttocks. The marks will gradually fade after pregnancy. It is important to keep a check on weight gain and loss.

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Story first published: Monday, February 6, 2012, 12:12 [IST]
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