Gifts Ideas For Pregnant Women

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It is not easy to decide a gift for a woman who is hormonal and weighs 10 pounds heavier than usual. A pregnant woman reacts unpredictably due to the hormonal turmoil in her body. So your first job is to ensure that you do not tick her off. That is why buying gifts for a pregnant woman is extremely difficult. Whenever you have to buy baby shower gifts, you are never sure on what to buy.

Some gifts for a pregnant woman are safe bets. Here are some gifts you can buy for a pregnant woman without giving any second thoughts.

Pregnancy Gifts

Baby Clothes: Anything to do with the newborn baby is going to make the expectant mother happy. Cute little clothes for the newborn are a perfect gift for a baby shower or even otherwise. Buy bight coloured clothes for the baby and the mother will brighten up too.

Soft Toys: Not all women love soft toys. But during their pregnancy, these cuddly toys are appealing to most of them. Moreover, when you gift a pregnant woman soft toys, it has a dual purpose. The toys for both for her and her baby to come.

Hot Lingerie: If your wife is pregnant then you can make the most of this time by making her feel special. Most women tend to feel insecure about their appearance during the prenatal stage. Gift some hot lingerie in plus sizes. It will make her feel loved and desirable again.

Pregnancy Books: Most educated women read a lot during their pregnancy. They want to know everything about the stages of their pregnancy and the baby inside them. So if it is her first pregnancy, you can safely gift her pregnancy books. It is a thoughtful and useful gift for a pregnant woman.

Mom's Diary: Most pregnant women maintain a journal during their pregnancy to record all their different experiences. You can gift the mom-to-be a fancy scrapbook to keep a visual album of her pregnancy. It will be a memory for a lifetime.

Jewellery: If you are going to be a daddy soon, then your wife is going to give you the most priceless gift in the world. You should certainly show a gesture of goodwill towards your pregnant wife by gifting her something equally priceless. Women love jewellery so you can always buy her a new ring or a pair of beautiful earrings.

These are some of the best gifts to give a pregnant woman. What gift would you like to receive when you are expecting?

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Story first published: Friday, November 2, 2012, 16:52 [IST]
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