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Pregnancy Dreams: What Do They Mean?

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Pregnancy Dreams
Although bizarre, dreams during pregnancy seems to be more real than usual. It is not surprising that women tend to pay too much attention to the meanings of their dreams especially when they are pregnant. When you are pregnant, you start thinking a lot about things happening around you. You want to know everything related to pregnancy and always wish to do everything right. Naturally, dreams are part of this excited state of affairs.

Why We Remember Pregnancy Dreams?

Practically, many women have trouble sleeping during their pregnancy. Nausea, frequent trips to the washroom and somersaulting blood pressure drifts you in and out of sleep. When you are not having a sound sleep, the chances are that, you will wake up with the vestiges of a dream fresh in your mind. You may even dream in continuation if your sleep is interrupted briefly.

Why Dreams During Pregnancy Are Weird?

Not just dreams, but every experience related to your pregnancy and prenatal care is new. As it is new, experiences are unfamiliar, and weird is just a synonym to it. To make it sound a little more scientifically reliable, you can blame it on your hormones. Your body is like a crucible of bubbling hormones when you are pregnant. Rise and fall in the levels of the hormone progesterone, specifically affects dreams. Hormones have a direct connection with your brain, and thus, your prenatal care should address your apprehensions about dreams.

Meaning Of Pregnancy Dreams:

Interpretation of pregnancy dreams is possible only when you understand their underlying themes. You have to identify the themes of fear, love, anxiety and consciousness to bodily changes in your pregnancy dreams. Each trimester comes with a set of specific thematic dreams.

First Trimester Dreams: In your first trimester, when you are still adjusting your pregnancy, you dream a lot about water. Many expert psycho analysts feel that this is a direct indication to the fact, that you are aware of your growing amniotic fluid in which your baby floats. There is also a tendency to fantasize of how the baby will look like after birth.

Second Trimester Dreams: Your dreams become more contemplative during the second trimester. You are curious about the baby and worried about motherhood. But, your life will cease to survive as it is now. So, you might have nightmares of other woman stealing your partner and you being rejected by him.

Third Trimester Dreams:
You have acquired your fully rounded pregnant figure by now. It is common to have erotic dreams in your last trimester. You are self-conscious about your size, and therefore, the possibility that your husband/partner does not find you attractive anymore can make you insecure.

These points can help you find meaning of your pregnancy dreams. However, you must take everything with a pinch of salt and not get too worked-up about it.

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Story first published: Friday, April 6, 2012, 14:27 [IST]
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