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Pregnancy Dreams In The Third Trimester

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Pregnancy Dreams Third Trimester
Pregnancy dreams in the last trimester gets very precarious. You are now preparing yourself for the delivery. You will be surrounded by self-doubt and anxiety regarding the mountain of responsibility heading towards you. The meaning of your dreams is also affected by your heavily rounded figure and your insecurities about the same.

You must understand your dreams during pregnancy so that you are at peace with yourself. Following are the common dreams identified in your third trimester of pregnancy.

Pregnancy Dream In The Third Trimester:

1. Is It A Boy Or Girl? Pregnant women often dream about having either a baby boy or girl in their last couple of months. From the time that you conceive, you are constantly lost guessing about the sex of your baby. This guessing game reaches its pinnacle in the final trimester. Many expectant mothers have clear visions of giving birth to a boy or girl. The interpretation of these pregnancy dreams is that they either reflect your deepest fears or your most ardent desires.

2. Clues To The Future: Dreams have always fueled the imagination of mankind. Especially, pregnancy dreams are supposed to be prophecies about the child's future. Remember the infamous dream that Oedipus's mother had?It led to the most legendary Greek tragedies ever. The dreams of a woman in the third trimester of pregnancy used to be treated as prophecies that will come true for the child. There is not an ounce of scientific truth behind this but, you too might find yourself seeing the future. You may see horrible things like death, disease or a murder. You can also see pleasant things like your child getting married or his/her academic success. It is nothing but your expectations and anxieties that takes a shape in your sub-conscious state.

3. Your Dreams Are The Best Baby Name Books: These days most expecting couples buy books to get a list of names for their babies. However, if you delve deeper into the meanings of your dreams, you will get a lot of baby name ideas. Pregnancy dreams about finding names is common because that is what you are pondering about all day long. Most would-be parents constantly try to think of 2 separate list of names for the possibility of a girl or a boy.

Pregnancy dreams are not clues to the future or the past. Treat them as reflections of your mind and you will be more relaxed about them.

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Story first published: Monday, April 16, 2012, 12:23 [IST]
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