Pregnancy Dreams In The First Trimester

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Pregnancy Dreams First Trimester
Dreams in your pregnancy may seem bizarre but, if you inspect them closely, there is a definite pattern to them. Women become very sensitive to everything in their pregnancy. So, they are usually troubled by disturbing dreams and find comfort in the ones that are happy. There can be a more realistic way of looking at pregnancy dreams that differ from one stage of pregnancy to another. If you analyse the pattern of dreams in the first trimester of your pregnancy then, you will see there are a set of common motifs in them.

Dreams In The First Trimester Of Pregnancy:

1. Grown Up Kids: Is it your first pregnancy? If it is, then pregnancy dreams about adult children is very common. The children you see in your dreams probably resemble you or your partner. The reason of this pregnancy dream is that you are thinking too much about motherhood. And, going into labour or handling a new born infant scares you.

2. Back To Your Own Childhood: You not only dream about adult children in your first trimester of pregnancy but, you actually see your younger self in them. This shows that you expect your baby to be like you and thus, you recall memories of your own childhood to fantasize about your baby.

3. Dreams About Past Relationships: There are things in your past that you would like to forget like your unsuccessful relationships or the love of your life whom you did not marry. The memories of these past relationships come back to you in different forms. These kind of pregnancy dreams are nature's reminder that you need to close that chapter of your life to be a responsible mother.

4. Building And Cars: This is not a concept but a recurring image in your dreams. Buildings literally symbolise 'growing'. The size of the buildings in your dream grows with the stages of your pregnancy. Cars on the other hand symbolise the act of 'moving' through your life. When you dream about luxury cars, you are cruising through life. But, when you are pregnant you tend to dream about larger and more cumbersome vehicles like trucks. The meaning of this dream is that you are finding it difficult to adjust to your new role in life.

5. Watery Dreams: Strangely, the dreams in your first trimester are full of images of water bodies like oceans, rivers etc. You might get the feeling that you are floating in your dreams. The most common pregnancy dream is that of waves breaking at the shore. This is a sub-conscious awareness of the fact that your baby is floating in water or amniotic fluid. It also indicates fear that your water might break.

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Story first published: Tuesday, April 10, 2012, 12:27 [IST]
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