Pregnancy Dreams In The Second Trimester

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Pregnancy Dreams 2nd Trimester
Dreams in your pregnancy are not just random creations of your mind. They reflect your emotional state. In the second trimester of your pregnancy, you are less hormonal and thus, less volatile than the first three months. The dreams too, are more stable and contemplative than the first trimester. The mad rush of emotions that flowed through your pregnancy dreams earlier is missing here.

The meanings of your dreams in the second trimester of pregnancy can be determined by tracking the patterns in them. Three common themes can be mapped while interpreting pregnancy dreams.

Pregnancy Dreams In Second Trimester:

1. Dreaming About Baby Animals: There are many versions to this dream and it can have several shades of meanings.

  • The type of animal you dream about reflects on the way you feel about your forthcoming baby. A cute little pup would mean affection but a scary looking baby snake means you are apprehensive about your baby.
  • It might also be a baby animal with human features which means that you are trying to imagine what the nature of your baby will be like.
  • A new born baby does not look very 'human' so the association with infant animals is logical. After all, the sonogram shows the foetus in your womb looks like a fish.

2. Eroticism Evades Your Dreams: By the time you are in the second trimester of pregnancy, your sex life is restricted. This results in sexual overtones in your pregnancy dreams.

  • You might wake up embarrassed by the graphic erotic dream you just had. The dreams seem so real that you might get confused about who you really were in your fantasy and why.
  • Do not be anxious, these dreams are a way of making up for the lack of sexual excitement in your real life.
  • There is no harm in having such dreams. But, if you don't want them, then you will have to think of some way of making your pregnant love life interesting. Do not forget to consult your doctor before coming to a conclusion.

Dreaming Of A Cheating Husband: Another recurring dream that pregnant women complains about is of unfaithful partners.

  • There is a feeling among women that their pregnancy is the time when their spouses are likely to cheat on them.
  • This feeling is further consolidated by their bulging body in the second trimester of pregnancy. Preconceived notions and insecurity about your body appearance is the reason behind such dreams.
  • This insecurity is a passing phase and you can sail through it if your partner is supportive.

The meanings of your dream, especially pregnancy dreams are very relevant because they clearly indicate your emotional state.

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Story first published: Thursday, April 12, 2012, 11:33 [IST]
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