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Back Pain During Pregnancy: Tips To Prevent & Cure

As the body bears the baby weight, pregnant women face a lot of body pain, the prominent one being back pain. The variation in pregnancy hormones are also a cause for the pain. Since the hormones relax the ligament, muscles and shoulders, the body tends to stretch, particularly the baby bump, putting all the stress on the lower back. Today, we shall suggest a few prevention as well as cure for the back pain during pregnancy. Take a look.

Back Pain During Pregnancy: Tips To Prevent & Cure

1. Maintaining Posture – During the baby development stage, there is a constant shift of gravity (as the baby moves). The movement and continuous wear and tear of muscles lead to back pain so maintaining a proper posture is important. Walking and sitting straight, Stretching legs and avoiding bending will help not strain or add pressure to the waist and keep it relaxed always. Avoid sleeping on back and try sideways.

2. Massage – Massaging back with warm oil with lubricate and relax muscles. As the oil improves circulation, it prevent the occurrence of muscle catch and sprains. Do not walk or exercise too much while you are getting close to the due date (delivery date) instead prefer acupressure or acupuncture to relax and lower the pressure on muscles.

3. Exercises – During pregnancy, the exercises need to be simple and relaxing. Walking and stretching may prevent the lower half of the body getting stiff. Do not strain your ligaments too much. Swimming is the best exercise during this time as it will reduce your body weight by half (when you are in water) and ease you to stretch arms and legs. Yoga is also good.

4. Dressing Tips To Prevent Pain – Dressing plays an important role during pregnancy. Wearing comfortable cotton clothes will not shrink your weak muscles and cause pain. Tight clothes slow down blood circulation and cause pain in muscles. Wearing high heeled shoes or slipper will add pressure to the waist muscles and cause severe back pain. Prefer a branded flat slipper or shoes for walking. Wearing maternity belts will also help in providing proper support.

5. Other tips – While sleeping, use neck pillows. If you have back pain, use hot water bags or ice packs for relief. Avoid slouching.

Story first published: Wednesday, November 9, 2011, 12:32 [IST]
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