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7 Natural Ways To Find Out If You Are Pregnant

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Pregnancy is big news, whether a woman has been yearning for it or otherwise. Becoming pregnant means a woman and her partner have to be ready for a lot of compromises and lifestyle changes.

Although pregnancy is a wonderful experience, it comes with a lot of responsibilities and complications, which the parents must be ready for. The wait to get pregnant can be a quite confusing one, filled with uncertainty.

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Many a times, a woman cannot be sure if she is pregnant or not, even after she misses her period, as it may be due to various other reasons like stress, hormonal imbalance, poor diet, etc.

So, if a woman wants to be completely sure of her pregnancy, then a test must be taken.

There are various types of pregnancy tests such as the urine test, blood test, etc, which help determine whether the woman has conceived or not.

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These tests are quite accurate and help detect the hCG hormonal levels in the blood, thereby confirming pregnancy.

However, there are a few natural ways as well through which you can find out if you are pregnant or not, right at home. Read about them here if you can't wait and are eager to find for yourself of the good news first!


1. Dandelion Leaves

Take a few dandelion leaves in a container, urinate on them and leave them for 10 minutes. If the dandelion leaves develop red bumps after you urinate on them, it means you may be pregnant.


2. Toothpaste

Mix some white toothpaste and your urine in a container. If the toothpaste turns frothy and blue after a few minutes, it may mean that you are pregnant.


3. Vinegar

Mix some vinegar and urine in a container, If the vinegar changes colour after a couple of minutes, then it could mean that you are going to be a mom!


4. Wheat And Barley

Mix wheat and barley in a container and urinate on it. If it germinates after a day, it may mean that you are pregnant.


5. Sugar

Take some sugar in a bowl, urinate into it first thing in the morning, as your urine is more concentrated then. If the sugar forms clumps, instead of dissolving, it may mean that you are pregnant.


6. Urine Collection Test

Urinate in a clean glass bottle with a flat surface. Leave it untouched for a while. If a thin white layer has formed on top of the collected urine, it may mean that you have tested positive for pregnancy.


7. Soap

Mix any soap with your urine in a container. If the soap froths and forms bubbles, it could mean that you have conceived.

FYI: Please note that none of these above-mentioned natural pregnancy tests are 100% accurate. Do visit a health care professional for an accurate confirmation on your pregnancy.

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