Signs You Should Take A Pregnancy Test

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How soon can you take a pregnancy test? This is one of the many questions that play havoc in a woman's mind.
Experts state that a woman should take a test from the first day of her missed period. If she is uncertain of the due date of the next period, she can do a pregnancy test within three weeks, ie: 21 days, after unprotected sex.

If the woman has missed to take a test within those 21 days, noticing the signs of pregnancy is the next step. There are a few signs which tell that a woman is pregnant.

She has to keep a minute' eye on body changes, hormonal and mood changes, cravings etc. If any of these symptoms occur within those 21 days after intercourse, it is a sure sign of pregnancy.

Signs You Should Take A Pregnancy Test | When To Take A Pregnancy Test | Home Pregnancy Test

Boldsky shares five possible reasons of a pregnancy and when a woman has to take the test to confirm the happy news. To clear the doubt of being pregnant, here are the symptoms to look out for.

It is also suggested that once the pregnancy test is done and if positive, a visit to a gynecologist is essential.
Here are the signs you should take a pregnancy test:

Missed Period

Missed Period - Keep in mind that a missed period can be due to stress, improper diet, lack of sleep and lack of physical activity. Consider taking a pregnancy test if it's been more than a month since your last period.

Tummy Cramps

Tummy Cramps - Implantation pain is similar to menstrual cramps. This sudden cramps in the lower abdomen without a period appearing, is an indication for the woman to take a test.

Sensitive Breasts

Sensitive Breasts - Sore and sensitive breasts are another sign of pregnancy. The woman's body begins to produce more of the estrogen and progesterone hormones which help in supporting the foetus growth.

The Body Feels Different

The Body Feels Different - Exhaustion, frequent urination, food aversions are some of the changes which take place in the body when a woman is expecting. If the woman sees these drastic changes within those 21 days, she should take a pregnancy test.

Contraceptive Failure

Contraceptive Failure - Condoms, birth control pills are some of the contraceptives used to prevent pregnancy. These contraceptives are not 100 percent safe, and when it fails to serve its purpose, that is when a woman needs to take a pregnancy test.

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Story first published: Friday, November 6, 2015, 17:01 [IST]
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