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Premature Baby: 7 Facts That Would Interest You

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A premature baby, or often known as a 'preemie', is an infant who is born earlier than usual, that is before 37 weeks of the due date.

According to studies, there are different levels of prematurity, and it is common that if the baby is born way too earlier before the due date, the health risk increases to a much higher level.

However, there comes a time when these premature babies also develop into very intelligent human beings and studies have proven it.

9 Ways To Avoid Premature Labour

Recent studies show that babies who are premature have the ability to do a lot of better things in life than those babies who are born on the due date or at full term.

Many parents to premature children often wonder about the health of these tiny tots; however, a research has showed that these little beings grow up to be much stronger and healthier than kids who were born at full term.

Premature babies also have breathing problems, which over time will solve as their lungs will expand, allowing them to breathe with ease.

Preterm Babies Problems

Likewise, there are a few more problems that affect preterm babies and looking after them with care is ideally the best.

On the other hand, here are some of the facts about a preterm baby and why we think he/she is a blessing, take a look:


Preterm Babies Become Healthier:

Did you know that preterm babies are healthier. This is because they are taken extra care of and pampered to the extremes, which makes them healthier and much more fit when compared to full-term kids.


Preterm Babies Are Intelligent:

Albert Einstein is a premature baby, which explains quite a lot. However, studies claim that tiny babies have better brain growth when compared to full-term babies, therefore making them much more brainier than other kids.


Preterm Babies Have More Abilities:

Preterm children are some how blessed with more abilities than other kids. It is stated that about 80 per cent of preterm babies are much more talented and an extrovert when compared to full-term kids.


Preterm Babies Are Extremely Creative:

When it comes to creativity, premature babies are extremely talented in the mind as well as physically too. This is the reason why many say that preterm children are special and are a blessing.


Preterm Babies Make The Best Siblings:

Preterm babies make the best siblings; and it because they are considered to be much more caring, loving and understanding to their brothers or sisters. It is also noted that preterm babies have been cared for with that extra attention, which is why they are extra careful when it comes to looking after their siblings.


Preterm Babies Are Talkative:

Studies also show that preterm babies are the most talkative ones among the lot. Though science doesn't prove this to be a 100 per cent true fact, it is indeed proven with regards to statistics that most preterm kids are talkative in nature.


Preterm Babies Are Said To Be Extra Productive:

We all have that extra dose of creativity in us; but when it comes to preterm babies, they are highly efficient and very productive and creative too.

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