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9 Things That Happen After Pregnancy That You Did Not Know

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As a new mother, you enjoy some memorable moments during and after childbirth, which will be remembered for life.

The attention from your loved ones, a quality time spent with your new baby, watching the baby smile, the process of picking a name, etc, these are some of the best moments in a woman's life.

Pregnancy and childbirth are two events in a woman's life that lead to a drastic lifestyle change for everyone involved.

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A woman has to make a lot compromises and adjustments in accordance with her child's eating, resting and other daily habits.

She might have to scratch off a few things from her usual schedule to make time for the baby's needs.

Girls' nights out, movies, binge-watching on TV series, etc, are some things that a woman might have to give up on for a while, after the birth of her child.

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However, motherly love and affection is above all of those things, and a new mother is ready for these compromises.

There are a few things that happen after pregnancy that many women wouldn't be expecting. So, read on to find out what they are, here.


Constant Fatigue

Since the mother is still getting used to taking care of her baby's various needs, she tends to feel extra tired all the time. Feeding the baby, trying to pacify the baby's cries at odd hours, etc, are things that can surely exhaust the mother!


Irrational Mood Swings

After childbirth, the pregnancy hormones may take a while to get regulated in a woman's body. This may cause a new mother to have erratic, unexplained mood swings.


Low Sex Drive

After childbirth, a woman's body is still recovering and she might not be ready for sexual intercourse for some time. Also, as the hormones take a while to settle down after labour, it might also cause a low sex drive in new mothers.


Stretch Marks Worsen

Stretch marks are very common during pregnancy and after childbirth, they could increase in number and size due to the rapid expansion of skin tissues. Stretch marks are usually concentrated around the tummy, butt and the hip regions.


Your Clothes Don't Fit

All those pretty clothes that you thought you could wear right after childbirth may not fit you, as the post-pregnancy weight loss takes a while to happen. Pregnancy weight gain takes a lot of effort to be corrected.


Your Breasts Remain Sensitive

Your breasts can be constantly sensitive and may even feel painful at times. This is due to the hormonal imbalance and also due to the baby's suckling habits.


Hair Loss

Many women experience vigorous hair loss after childbirth, since the hormones in the body are still haywire. It could also be due to the stress from taking care of the baby.


Constant Need To Urinate

Since your lady parts are still sore and are recovering from the childbirth process, you may have some difficulty in controlling your need to pass urine. You may feel the need to visit the restroom more than normal.


Constant Hunger

The hormonal imbalance, all the baby chores, etc, can increase a woman's appetite to a great extent after pregnancy, and she may feel the need to binge eat. Maintaining a healthy diet is very important, specially during this time.

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