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How To Get Rid Of Mastitis During Breastfeeding

By: Mona Verma
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Many of the new moms may not be aware of the term MASTITIS and the interesting thing is, they might themselves face it. This is an inflammation in your breast tissues.

From forming a lump, it soon gets converted into an infection. You may notice certain changes in your breast as they become red, hard, sore, hot and swollen. Not to worry too much, as it is not an alien thing entering your body, but just an accumulation of excess milk.

How To Get Rid Of Mastitis

Mostly, according to research conducted, females face this problem from the right side. Babies generally feed on the left side and don't get to hold the right nipple, resulting in the formation of lumps. It is also called 'blocked duct'. It makes you feel quite uncomfortable, feverish and, of course, it is painful.

Some mothers have a good feed but a new born isn't able to consume that much quantity of milk. And some mothers, instead of feeding the baby use bottles. Some mothers don't get to feed their babies immediately, as in, kids who have jaundice, or any other problem because of which they are kept in incubators.

How To Get Rid Of Mastitis2

It is a miserable experience, but if treated on time can be cleared soon. Though, there is a possibility of having mastitis in both the breasts, but chances are negligible.

Now make sure, while feeding, you don't have cracked nipples, otherwise, the chances of getting infection increases as it enters through nipples only. Another thing to take care of is, if you become a mom for the first time, chances are more to develop this problem. Also, this problem is common in the initial 3 months, and being more precise, in the second or third week.

How To Get Rid Of Mastitis3

Now, you must be wondering - how can you treat it?

Religiously feed your baby from the affected side only, as much as you can. Agreed that it may be extremely painful, but the condition will even get worse if you stop feeding. Besides feeding, keep on discarding the milk in the washroom or you can use the breast feeding pump to collect the extra milk, so that later you can feed your baby. If the pain is just unbearable, then it's time to visit your doctor and undergo treatment and consume antibiotics.

How To Get Rid Of Mastitis4

For the initial 1 month, you must feed your baby every hour. It's tough, but it's your baby only for whom you have to do so. You can keep a pillow beneath your baby, on your lap, if you are unable to lift the baby for a certain period and feed properly. Also, keep on heating your breast with a heating pad or hot towel, as you are comfortable, specially, in winters.

It becomes easy for the baby to suck the milk. Also, after a few days, you'll feel relaxed when your breasts become lighter. Massage your breast rigorously from the top till the nipples and try to keep it warm. It basically pushes the collected milk till the nipples. Avoid wearing a tight fitted bra, so that the flow doesn't stop.

Don't become your own doctor when it comes to medication. In the initial phase, you are suggested to consume Ibuprofen or paracetamol as it helps to reduce inflammation as well as pain. But if the problem increases, you need to go for an antibiotic course and for that, you need to consult your doctor.

How To Get Rid Of Mastitis5

If your mastitis doesn't improve initially, after all the above suggested measures, including massage, strict feeding and all, then it might develop into breast abscess. It means, now puss is getting accumulated within your breast. Though, it's a very rare case, but yes. It does occur. You need an immediate medical consultation and sometimes surgery also.

Generally, these days, when you are in the hospital, your midwives give you instructions and your mother and mother-in law are smart enough to guide you. Every human body is different, so you need to observe your actions and activities.

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Story first published: Thursday, October 13, 2016, 17:57 [IST]
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