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Top 7 Post delivery vaginal care tips

By Lekhaka

Vaginal care is one of the important things to do post delivery, especially if it was a vaginal delivery.

Your perineum, the skin between the vagina and the anus, would be cut by your doctor or might get torn during the birth. Both cases end up in stitches that will make it difficult for you to sit, stand or walk. Apart from this, you may experience pain when you laugh, sneeze or cough.

Vaginal care after having the stitches is more important to prevent any vaginal infection after childbirth. Infections of the vagina will lead to more complications. The presence of vaginal discharge, mainly blood, can increase the chance of infections.

Proper care and hygiene is the best thing that you can do to keep yourself healthy to enjoy a happy motherhood.

Here are some of the effective tips for vaginal care after birth.

Top 7 Post delivery vaginal care tips

Keep it clean and dry: Maintain proper hygiene. Change your sanitary pads often and keep the area dry. This is the best thing that you can do to avoid vaginal infection after birth. Using warm water to wash the area will help to soothe the pain and avoid swelling.

No tampons, use pads: After delivery, you may experience bleeding that may last as long as two weeks. It is recommended to use sanitary napkins for vaginal care after birth. Using tampons will put you under higher risk of vaginal infection after birth.

Ice packs: If you feel pain and swelling in the vaginal area, you can try using ice or ice packs. Apply ice packs on the area for 15 to 20 minutes. While using ice directly, remember to keep a thin cloth between the skin and the ice.

Antiseptic wash: Most doctors recommend postpartum women to have an antiseptic wash over the stitches. This will help to prevent infections. Dilute the antiseptic lotion in water and wash the vagina or pour it over the stitches.

Pelvic floor exercises: Once you feel confident that you are not feeling any problems with the stitches, you can start trying pelvic floor exercises. This will help to increase the blood flow to the vagina and will speed up the healing process. This is an easy method for vaginal infection after birth.

Correct washing technique: After passing stool, it is important to follow the correct method for washing the area to prevent infections. Always wash from front to back, from the urethra to the anus. This is important in preventing vaginal infections after birth.

Medical assistance: If you notice any abnormal pain, swelling or smelly discharge in your vagina, don’t be too late to get an expert opinion from your doctor. Most probably, this will be due to any infections. Early diagnosis will help to start treatments earlier.

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