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Is Vaginal Birth After C Section Possible?

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Vaginal Birth After C Section
No matter how much pain is involved, a vaginal birth is always more welcome than a C section. It keeps both the mother and the baby healthy and they recover quickly from the shock of the birth. But supposing this is your second pregnancy and the first was a caesarean delivery then can you attempt to go into labour this time? The answer is yes, you can but as is with everything, conditions apply.

This concept of a normal delivery after a caesarian one is called a VBAC and it can be attempted provided you fulfill the following conditions.

When You Can Have A Vaginal Birth After C Section:

1. The cause of your first delivery not being normal is a very important fact in determining if you can give birth normally this time. Unless the baby was too big or your water burst suddenly or any such special consideration, your chances are unlikely even this time.

2. The section that has been made on your abdomen from the first delivery is a horizontal one. If it is a 'T' or a vertical cut then normal birth becomes risky. In this case you need to do a little deeper because the scar that you see from outside may not match the section made on your uterus.

3. If you do not have any history of fibroids or prior uterine surgeries then you can probably attempt a vaginal birth for your second pregnancy.

4. You pregnancy must be totally normal with no high risk element like low lying placenta associated with it. Only then can you try this.

5. Your pelvis has to have enough room to deliver the baby. If you dilated the first time round and still could not deliver then it means your pelvis is too tight. When you are preparing for child birth, the gynecologist needs to do a thorough check and try to determine if normal birth is possible.

When You Cannot Try A VBAC:

1. If your second pregnancy is within 1 and a half years of your c section then it is best not to try a normal birth. Having two babies within a short span increases the chances of uterine rupture phenomenally. Ideally, if you have had a caesarean delivery, do not get pregnant before 3 years.

2. If the expected mother is 40 plus then the pregnancy becomes high risk anyway so it is better not try anything risky at all.

3. If any special condition like diabetes or high blood pressure exist then a vaginal birth cannot be tried the second time round.

4. If the baby is already looking nice and plump or the head is abnormally big then there is fat chance that an attempt at labour will be successful.

5. If you have gone up to the 40th week of pregnancy and still felt so signs of labour or the baby is yet to take the right birth position then you will probably have another c section.

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Story first published: Tuesday, February 21, 2012, 15:50 [IST]
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