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Kegel Or Pelvic Exercises After Pregnancy

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Kegel/ Pelvic Exercises After Pregnancy
After pregnancy, the new mother wants to get back to her pre-pregnancy body shape. For nine months, the body goes through several changes. Muscles loosen up for labour and after a vaginal delivery, the muscles need to be brought back in its tight position. Therefore, after vaginal delivery, the new mother should do pelvic exercises. This not only strengthens the muscles but also tightens it.

Kegel exercises after pregnancy:

Find your pelvic muscles: Many women do not know their pelvic muscles well. To understand these muscles, be careful the next time you urinate. Stop the flow of urine and then again relax your muscles. The contraction and relaxation of these muscles are on your pelvic floor. These muscles are known as pelvic muscles.

How to do?: Now that you have tracked your pelvic muscles, you have to contract and relax them. To try kegel exercises after pregnancy, sit on a chair with legs slightly apart. Contract thinking you are trying to control your urine passage. Hold for 3-5 seconds and then release. Another way is by squeezing your legs and then contrasting your muscles. Do not pull in your tummy. In your lower body, squeezing should be felt only in pelvic muscles.

Do it anywhere, any time: One of the benefits of pelvic exercises is that it can be done anywhere at any time. Make sure you do not do this while urinating.

Should be done regularly: As you can do these pelvic floor exercises anytime, make sure you do it regularly. An empty urinary bladder ensures effective pelvic floor exercise. This also protects the dis-functioning of urinary bladder. Pelvic exercises increase orgasm among women so, better start now!

Different positions: This contracting should be done in different positions. This means you should do it while sitting, while lying down and while standing.

Watch out: You have to care for your body while doing these pelvic exercises during or after pregnancy. See that you do not squeeze any other muscle while doing the kegel exercises after delivery. Be gentle and make sure that you do not include anal or thigh or stomach muscles while doing the exercise.

These exercises practiced after delivery can tighten your pelvic muscles and also help you lose weight. Consult your doctor before trying them. They can guide you by giving proper instructions.

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Story first published: Thursday, April 19, 2012, 18:01 [IST]
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