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5 Tips For Working And Breastfeeding

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Breastfeeding While Working
Remember that it is not just you who has undergone the hurdles for breastfeeding with work, many women do. Nursing babies is no longer a big task as women and children are getting smarter and practical to the generation. Weaning babies just because of work/ career is cruel. Continuing with breastfeed is great he mother's and baby's health. Take a look at the tips for working and breastfeeding.

5 Tips For Working And Breastfeeding
1. Be Firm On What You Want – If you wanted to have a baby then you were very much prepared for the juggling act of breastfeeding while working. Your colleagues may taunt, you may have many embarrassing moments but it is after all for your baby so priorities change with time and your mind needs to realise.

2. Nursing, The Best To Connect – Your work is already take away your's maximum time so builder a better relationship with baby is only possible with breastfeed. Nursing after you return from work or during weekends will make you enjoy the beautiful relationship with the baby.

3. Learn To Breastfeed – Many working mothers decide to stop nursing the baby because of not knowing the right procedure to feed. Stick to a schedule that will help your baby and your body to produce milk during that time. Be patient in teaching or drawing your baby to suck milk the correct way.

4. Plan A Maternity Holiday – It is time to spend a long time with your baby so go for a baby moon and enjoy the process of breastfeeding in the postnatal phase. Understand that your baby needs you for its nourishment and care so plan as many maternity leaves as possible to spend a good time with your little one.

5. Be On Time To Work – Your personal responsibilities should not affect work so make your morning getaway easier. Set an alarm to wake early and nurse the baby, to bath and get ready, pack your lunch and arrange milk bottles in the refrigerator. Prioritise your eating and sleeping time to relax yourself and enjoy work.
Show a lot of care to the baby when you are to leave and return home. Remember that only love and care can make you have a happy life and understanding with the baby.

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Story first published: Friday, January 6, 2012, 15:47 [IST]
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