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Why Is Breast Milk Healthier For The Baby?

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You must have always heard that breast milk is good for the baby. All doctors suggest to give a baby breast milk and not the formula ones. There are many reasons for it. Breast milk has almost all the nutrients that a child requires for proper growth. As a matter of fact, breast feeding benefits not only the baby, but the mother too. Here are some reasons that makes breast milk an absolute essential for a newborn baby.

Proteins- There are basically two types of proteins in milk and they are whey and casein. The proportion of casein is low in breast milk, so it becomes easy for the baby to digest it. Your baby may thus digest the milk easily without having any stomach problems, which is very common in infants.

Breast Milk

Illness- Among the many benefits of breast feeding the most important is that it protects your baby from a host of infections and illness. Newborn babies are very much prone to infections, it increases with outside food. A protein named Secretory IgA in the breast milk protects the child from infections and diseases like E. Coli and also some allergies

Breast milk is good also because they help in the formation of lactobacillus, a good bacteria that helps protect the body against other bacteria.

There are also some antibodies present in the breast milk that protects the child against developing cancer.

Immune System- Secretory immunoglobulin A (IgA) is present in large amounts in the first milk that is produced by the mother. This helps in developing a protective layer in the mucous membranes in your baby's intestines, nose, and throat. And what makes breast milk the best for your baby is the factor that a strong immune system developed at this stage continues for the rest of the life.

Fats- Fats found in breast milk are vital for the brain development of the baby. Breast milk for your baby is extremely healthy as they are rich in long chain fatty acids necessary for the development of brain, retina and nervous system.

Calories- The calories that your baby needs is in the breast milk. It is rich in carbohydrates that breaks down easily to give the necessary energy required for the child. The primary bacteria found in breast milk is lactose that helps in the absorption of calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium.

Breast milk is good for the baby due to all the above reasons. It is thus always better to give breast milk to your baby and not formula milk as it increases the chances of increased diseases and infections.

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