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Common Postnatal Skin Problems & Its Cure!

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Skin Problems Postnatal
Post pregnancy, a woman due to hormonal changes or imbalance has several skin problems such as acne, stretch marks, itchy skin, pimples or chloasma (dark patches). It might be the first time that in the postnatal stage, the woman can have skin problems. Lets check out the most common skin problems and cure during the postnatal stage.

Stretch marks: It occurs due to hormonal changes or substantial weight loss. However, with a proper diet rich in fatty acids and an effective body care measures, one can cure stretch marks. Massaging the affected area with olive, jojoba, rosemary or almond oil can cure stretch marks naturally.

Acne: Changes in hormones leads to postnatal skin problems such as acne. After pregnancy, the mother doesn't get time to maintain her skin which leads to postpartum poor skin conditions. To cure acne, keep the skin clean from oil and drink plenty of water apart from a healthy diet including green leafy vegetables. A healthy diet also helps get over postnatal depression.

Chloasma: It is a common skin problem during postnatal. In this skin condition, dark patches appear on the skin especially around the nose, cheekbones, upper lips, forehead, neck or abdomen. Chloasma generally occurs due to the over production of melanin because of hormonal fluctuations and presence of estrogen and progesterone. Chloasma fades away within few months naturally but avoid direct contact with sun to prevent it from spreading on the skin. Eat food rich in folic acid to get rid of such skin conditions in the postpartum stage.

Skin rashes: Decline in estrogen level among women after delivery leads to skin rashes. This drop in the hormone after pregnancy leads to such postpartum skin conditions. Keep the skin moisturized by applying cream or body lotion twice a day to get rid of skin rashes after pregnancy. Use mild herbal soap to retain moisture in the skin.

These are the common skin problems in the postnatal stage. Have a proper diet rich in folate, vitamins, nutrients and minerals. Do workout to have a clear skin and healthy body.

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Story first published: Tuesday, September 20, 2011, 14:40 [IST]
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