Cure Postnatal Yeast Infections Naturally

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Cure postnatal yeast infections
Overgrowing of the yeast or candida in the vagina leads to yeast infections. Also known as Candidiasis, yeast infections are caused by an yeast called Candida Albicans. This infection can take place in any warm and moist part of the body, such as the mouth or the vagina. It is very common postnatal problem.

Sore red or swollen vagina, burning or itching vagina, vaginal pain or thick white, odor-free vaginal discharge are symptoms of candida.

In the postnatal stage, many women suffer from yeast infections. Wearing tight or unclean clothes leads to this infection. Also, postpartum bleeding leads to moisture in the inner thighs and vagina which leads to infections. Lets check out ways to cure yeast infections in the postnatal stage.

Natural ways to cure postnatal yeast infections:

1. Keep a garlic clove in the vaginal area every two hours to get relief from itching and sores caused due to the infection. Use this natural remedy to cure yeast infections.

2. Cut the wedge of a lemon and peel off the skin. Apply it on the vaginal area and keep it for a minute. It stops the burning sensation and provides instant relief.

3. Vinegar is also used widely to cure candidiasis. Add vinegar to the water before taking bath. Don't apply it directly. Stay in the vinegar water for not more than 20 minutes and then wash off the genitals properly.

4. Have apple cider vinegar, a natural way to cure postnatal yeast infections.

5. Clean your vagina with tea tree oil. Using tea tree oil with few drops of alcohol is a natural home remedy to cure yeast infection.

6. Apply yogurt on the vaginal area to get instant relief from burning. This is another natural home remedy to cure yeast infection

Use these 6 natural ways to cure postnatal yeast infections and limit the use of antibiotics. Broad-spectrum antibiotics kill healthy bacteria in your vagina, which can lead to the overgrowth of yeast.

Story first published: Friday, September 2, 2011, 15:47 [IST]
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