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9 Ways To Increase The Height Of Kids

By Shabana Kachhi

Parents are always stressed out about their kids' health, especially in the preliminary stages of growth. Kids these days prefer junk food compared to healthy home-made food. However, eating proper food is important for them, as proper nutrition can help in the overall growth of the children.

This is the reason why mothers are concerned about what their kids eat and they try to make them eat more green vegetables. In today's world, where good height adds to a charming personality, it is important to take care of one's routine and diet. These factors definitely facilitate natural growth along with good BMI.

The child's body secretes Human Growth Hormone (HGH) at its maximum capacity between the age of 3 and 11 years and it is the ideal time to practice growth enabling exercises and food.

Ways To Assist In The Growth Of Kids' Height And Weight

1. Maintaining a nutritious diet

It is a very important factor that the child consumes the right kind of food, with complete nutrition. A balanced diet consists of milk, eggs, leafy vegetables, oatmeal, etc., where vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins and fat are in adequate quantities. It is the mother's responsibility to keep the child away from junk food which lacks healthy ingredients and make the kids eat more vegetables, lean proteins and good carbs. Sweetened drinks, chocolates, burgers, pizzas do more harm to children than we can imagine.

A good diet is rich in minerals and antioxidants that raise the immunity of the kid. This facilitates the secretion of HGH in the right proportion, which enables growth and development. [1]

2. Consumption of protein in the right amount

Proteins are considered to be the building blocks of our bodies. They make sure that body grows and recovers appropriately [2] . Vitamin B3 is also an important constituent that enables growth. Food items like chicken, eggs, soya beans, lentils, kidney beans are rich in protein. Tuna, mushroom, green peas, avocados, peanuts, etc. are an excellent source of vitamin B3.

3. Stretching activity

Stretching sounds easy, and they have a huge impact on the growth of children. They should be introduced in the curriculum of the child from an initial stage; this will help in elongation of spine and improvement of posture. The exercises can be easy like standing upright on toes against a wall or without support, touching toes while standing and keeping the back straight, etc.

4. Practising hanging exercises

Hanging is a great activity that helps in elongation of the spine and has been practised for ages; doing it regularly can help in becoming tall. Besides, if activities like pull ups, push ups and chin ups are introduced in the children's routine, their back and arm muscles will get stronger, facilitating an all-round growth; they will be fit and healthy [4] .

5. Introduction to yoga practice

Yoga has been practised since ancient times for stretching bodies and finding balance in life; it is an ideal habit to start with. There is a multitude of yoga poses that are fruitful in strengthening the child and making them taller [3] . Sun salutation or Surya Namaskar is one exercise that puts the entire body in fluidity, working out all the back, spine, arms and leg muscles.

Asanas like chakrasana allows the kids to lie on their backs and then lift up their backs forming an arched shape, with U-like structure. The arms and legs are used to lift the entire body; this exercise gives a strong spine and core muscles and aids in fast growth.

6. Skipping regularly

Skipping is an amazing cardio activity to keep the kids healthy and fit. It tones the entire body and helps to maintain a healthy heart. This exercise helps to stretch the complete body, thus enhancing the vertical growth of the kid [5] .

7. Light jogging and running

Running is a fun activity, which is not only good for kids, but also has a plethora of benefits for the grown-ups. It builds the bone muscles, and increases the stamina in kids. It also releases growth hormone HGH in good quantity, so that the kids can become taller [6] . The kids would love this routine if parents accompany them and participate in this activity.

8. Proper sleep

Sleep plays an important role in the growth of the kids. It is important for the child to sleep at least for eight hours for most of the days, so that it can grow normally and recover from fatigue. HGH, the growth hormone, is usually secreted during the sleep hours of the child [7] . Hence, it is essential that the child does not skip sleep hours.

It is required that the parents avoid a sedentary lifestyle and inculcate healthy eating and exercise routine for the children and themselves. This would eventually make the child grow tall and strong.

Now we will take a look at how nutrition affects a child's growth and the important food items to involve in daily's diet.

Kids' height is mostly affected by the genetics of the parents and their families. However, most parents stay unaware that with the help of proper diet and nutrition, they can help their kids reach the maximum potential of their normal growth. It boosts the entire process. While it may not cause a giant change, it may sure increase some inches in the preordained height.

Crucial Nutrients To Help Achieve Desirable Height

1. Proteins are an important dietary requirement that enhances growth in children. They build muscles and carry the development and maintenance of tissues. Deficiency of proteins can slow down the growth hormone and result in low BMI.

2. Minerals like iron, potassium, iodine, phosphorus, fluoride are necessary to increase the kids' height. Calcium is another mineral that not only strengthens the bones but also promotes effective growth.

3. Vitamin D helps in easy absorption of calcium within body. Vitamin D deficiency can cause fatigue, weak bones and muscles; it can negatively impact the growth process. Vegetables and fruits that are an excellent source of vitamin A, B1, B2, C, F and riboflavin, can contribute to the nutritious, balanced meal.

4. Carbohydrates in excessive amount can be harmful, but in the initial stages of the kids' development, it provides energy and vitality for their bodies. More focus on whole grains and cereals should be given. Refined flour, pizza, burger, etc. that are high in fats should be avoided.

Foods That Help In Kids' Growth

1. Dairy products are a rich source of minerals and vitamin A, B, D and E. Milk, curd, cottage cheese, yoghurt have a good amount of proteins and calcium that help with growth.

2. Eggs have high content of proteins, vitamin D, vitamin B12, calcium and riboflavin. They are a necessary part of the diet. Mothers can be lost for choices among egg recipes, and the kids can never get bored eating them.

3. All parts of the chicken, especially breast, are high in protein. They help in tissue repair and muscle development of the child, thus promotes height increase.

4. Soybeans or tofu are good sources of vegetarian proteins. They are adequate in vitamins, proteins, folate, fibre and carbs, which are essential for the child's growth.

5. Banana is an easily available fruit that contains potassium, calcium and manganese. It provides better stamina and immunity to the kid.

6. Oatmeal, nuts and seeds together are great sources of omega fatty acids and proteins; provide vitality for growth. They can be consumed on a daily basis for breakfast or as a snack.

7. If kids are put into the habit of eating green vegetables like spinach, broccoli, okra, peas, bok choy etc., from a very young age, it is easier for them to adapt to healthy eating. Greens contain all the necessary fibre, vitamins and minerals, and they should be an important part of the meal.

8. Fruits like papaya, watermelon, apples, apricots, etc., contain all the essential nutrients. Carrots are a rich source of vitamin A, C and calcium; they help to maintain strong bones.

9. Whole grains are effective in providing the kid with required energy. They contain iron, magnesium, fibre, selenium, etc., that assist in child's growth.

10. Fatty fish like salmon, tuna, and cod are high in protein and vitamin D. Even red meat can be given in moderation for protein requirement.

11. Turnips are can be consumed to level up the growth hormones; it's also a storehouse of essential minerals and vitamins.

12. There are also home-made recipes that assist in child's growth. One of those recipes requires mixing a cup of warm milk and 1 egg in a blender. A tablespoon of honey should be added to it at the end and stirred well. Eggs and milk, both being good sources of protein and calcium help in growth naturally. Consumption of this drink every day can show gradual change in height.

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