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Tips to Celebrate a Safe and Happy Diwali with Kids

By Ajanta Sen

Diwali celebrations can never be perfect without lighting firecrackers. Adults get busy in chit-chat, preparations of sweets and various authentic recipes, Diwali decorations and shopping, on the other hand, kids discuss what crackers they would be buying this Diwali. This year the festival will be celebrated on 27 October.

No matter how busy you are with your relatives and friends, always keep a watch on your child while he is bursting crackers with his friends. Being careful not only helps avoid serious injuries and accidents during the festival, but it also keeps everyone safe and maintains the zest of the festivity.

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Tips to Celebrate Safe Diwali with Kids

A little bit of carelessness might ruin the whole festival and leave everyone distressed. It is said that prevention is always better than cure, so here are the top ways that you can follow to keep your child safe during this Diwali.

Steer Away from Loose Or Synthetic Attire

While lighting crackers, do not let your child wear any loose-fitted attire like kurtas. The reason is while lighting a cracker a part of his loose kurta might catch fire and until he is aware of that he can get burnt badly.

Avoid Crowded Locations

Tell your child to burst crackers in an open space where there is no or lesser crowd. Places with a lot of hustle and bustle should be avoided while lighting crackers because it can cause injury to people. A busy road, stairs, a market place or a building entrance should be totally avoided.

Maintain A Safe Distance

Tell your children to maintain a reasonable distance while lighting the crackers. Many young boys try to show their audacity during Diwali. They try to burst crackers from a very small distance and sometimes even in their hands. However, it is immensely heart-wrenching when these stories of bravery turn out into tragic accidents. The best thing is to keep a watch on your children while they are playing with crackers during Diwali.

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Always Put On A Good Pair Of Shoes

Wearing covered footwear is a must for your child while bursting crackers on Diwali. This will ensure that his feet will not get burnt even if some sparks hit his feet. Kids become super excited while lighting crackers and run around frantically, so you must make them aware of this.

Stay Away From Dangerous Rockets

Diwali rockets come in a variety of sizes and effects. They enthral everyone with their eye-catching effects in the sky. Some rockets with spectacular effects are very costly. No matter how costly your rocket is, it may injure anyone if they are standing at the wrong spot and suddenly the rocket hits them.

The harmless stray animals also get injured sometimes because of these dangerous rockets. Just make sure to be with your child while he is lighting a rocket and this activity must be done in an open space like on a terrace or in a big field or playground.

Having A First Aid Kit Around Is A Must

Always keep the first aid kit ready with you while your kids are playing with crackers. A bag full of sand, some bandages, a bucket full of water, ice and antiseptic creams should be kept ready. In case of burns, apply ice on the burnt area straight away. If your child gets a serious injury, rush to your nearest hospital at the soonest possible time.

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Diwali dates back to the history of Lord Ram returning to Ayodhya from his 14-year-long exile. Since then people believe that Diwali bestows every household with well-being and prosperity. Thus, keep your child safe this Diwali by being extra careful to ensure a joyous Diwali. Have a Happy and Safe Diwali Everyone!

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