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Tips On How To Raise A Happy Child

By: Debdatta Mazumder

Parenting is no doubt a difficult task. Kids can be compared to the characteristics of soft mud. It is the parents who have the duty to shape them to be a proper human being. Now, what do you mean by a happy human being?

Happiness is not only doing stuff for yourself. Have you ever helped an old lady to cross the road? Now, that is the true happiness what you feel after doing a good deed.

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To raise your child into such a happy person, you need have a knowledge of the effective tips on how to raise a happy child.

While you bring a life to this earth, you knit a lot of dreams. Instead of thrashing your dreams upon your kids, why not make them able to have their own dreams?

If you do so from their childhood, you won’t need any further tips on how to raise a happy child. Now, what can be the best tips on how to raise a happy child? Simple.

You need to be happy. And the formula of happiness doesn’t lie in cash and kind. It lies on your mutual understanding, love and care for your family.

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So, teach these values to your kids. Teach your kids what you’ve learnt from your parents.

Pass the values and ethics and also make them cope up with the changing time. Thus, they will learn how to survive in this world happily. Also, here are some tips on how to raise a happy child that you must take a look at.


1. Set Examples:

Children follow your moves than words. Instead of telling them how to be happy, set examples of happiness. Show them how you enjoy sharing household chores or how easy it is to be in discipline. They will surely do those without complaining.


2. Teach Gratitude:

Teach your kids the meaning of gratitude. And you can only do this by showing it to them. Thank them for helping you in your work, no matter how much little it is. Doctors say that when parents show gratitude to kids, they grow up in being more interested, enthusiastic and joyful.


3. Laugh On The Mess:

How to raise a happy child? Instead of pointing out at his/her faults, laugh together on the little mess that is created by him/him. May be your daughter has stained her clothes in the mud while playing. Don't scold her. Rather you can take a swish on the mud and laugh out loud. Be a kid when you're with your kid.


4. Fix A Family Reading Time:

This not only makes your children happy, but also helps them to grow a reading habit. No matter how busy you're, take time and read out story books with pictures and let your kid do the same.


5. Serve The Needy People:

Helping others gives a heavenly happiness, unmatched to anything. Celebrate your kid's birthday in an orphanage and let your kid learn how to share happiness with the needy people. Thus, they will grow not only happy but as responsible citizens as well.


6. Listen To Them Carefully:

If you need effective tips on how to raise a happy child, then experts suggest that listening to your kids carefully will do the trick. If you scold your children for telling a lie, they won't share their feelings, which in turn makes them secretive, stressed out and unhappy.


7. Teach Them How To Handle Failure:

This is one of the most important tips on how to raise a happy child. Failure will come at any point of life. Teach them not to drag the effects of failure, but to remember that and go ahead in life.


8. Appraise Them:

If you pat them and say ‘I'm proud of you', that is enough to make your kid happy and do a better performance in the future. So, instead of criticising them all the time, praise them for their hard work.

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Story first published: Tuesday, May 31, 2016, 22:00 [IST]
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