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Signs Of Eye Problems In Kids

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If your kid has to score well in his exams healthy eye vision is important. When vision becomes weak, it would be tough to read, write or manage other day to day activities too.

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Generally, some children develop eye related problems early in life. If they are left untreated, they could suffer lots of inconvenience and may even lose interest in academics too.

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Sports are important for healthy physical development of children. If vision suffers, kids lose their interest in games too. Therefore, parents may need to take timely action to avoid such an issue. Here are some signs of poor vision in kids. If you observe them, take your kid to an eye specialist soon.


Sign #1

If your kid tries to adjust his eyes by squinting a bit when he has to see someone approaching, it could be a sign of eye related disorder.


Sign #2

When your kid is reading a book by keeping it too close to his eyes then it could be a vision problem. Maybe, he isn't able to read the printed letters clearly if the book is kept at a distance.


Sign #3

Moist eyes or headaches during reading activities might also signify something serious. Check with your family doctor.


Sign #4

If your kid suddenly tries to avoid reading and suddenly starts failing in academics, then it could also be due to an eye-related problem.


Sign #5

If your kids lose interest in reading and complains that it makes them tired, then you may need to check whether their vision is alright.


Sign #6

Rubbing eyes to correct eyesight is a sign of vision issues. Generally, in broad day light, kids can see clearly. If your kid rubs his eyes to see something, take him to the eye doctor.


Sign #7

If your kid sits very close to the television, you may need to observe his behaviour as it could also mean a vision problem.

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Story first published: Monday, April 4, 2016, 5:16 [IST]
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