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An Injection That'll Replace Condoms!!

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Men hate to use condoms as they feel that condoms reduce their satisfaction in bed. A new male contraceptive is said to hit the market soon. This is said to be an injection that allows men to go condom-free for 12 months.

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But of course, men still need to use condoms when they go out with strangers. But when it comes to married men who just enjoy pleasures only at home, they can rely on this injection which acts as contraceptive for a year.

Currently, very few male contraceptive options are available. In fact, even condoms can't guarantee 100% safety. There are rare cases where women became pregnant when men used condoms.

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Now, this injection seems to be a promising option for men who wish to go condom-free with their wives without worrying about unplanned pregnancy.


Reason #1

Actually all condoms are 'one-size fits all'. But they don't fit all men properly. Some rare men feel that the condoms are too small for them in which they feel inconvenient.


Reason #2

Some men whose skin is too tight or sensitive complain when they have to wear condoms.


Reason #3

They think that only people with STDs are supposed to use condoms and the rest can happily go without it. But that's the biggest fallacy!


Reason #4

Some men complain that condoms reduce their sensitivity. When sensitivity reduces, their quality of erections will also get affected.


Reason #5

Some men think that using a condom is insulting a partner as it conveys lack of trust. They think that only when you suspect that your partner has STD's, you need to use a condom!! That's another fallacy!


Reason #6

They seriously think that condoms reduce their pleasure. Many men like the naked feeling that they get without a condom; so they prefer to not use one but it could be dangerous.


Reason #7

Those who have erectile issues generally try to insert the moment they experience an erection. Such men generally worry that they may lose their erection if they wait to wear a condom.

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