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Interesting Facts About Conception

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Men and women know a lot about lovemaking but know very little about interesting facts about conception. Of course, knowing about facts could be boring compared to falling in love or making love.

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But still, it is good to know more about conception, pregnancy, child care and more before starting a family. Once you know about conception, you will be able to stay more health conscious.

To begin with, conception is the first step of pregnancy. It can be defined as the meeting of sperm and egg inside the uterus. Though many sperm cells compete, only one will be able to enter the egg. Then fertilisation occurs. Soon after that, no sperm will be able to again enter the egg.

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When there is no sperm near the egg, it will gradually expire before the period starts. Now, let us know more about certain interesting facts about conception.


Fact #1

Most of us think that only a woman loses her reproductive capability with age but it is a fact that even men lose their abilities gradually after 35 years of age.


Fact #2

What a man eats directly affects his sperm. Also, certain habits like smoking and drinking affects the shape, quality and motion of sperm cells. Also, saturated fat might reduce the sperm count.


Fact #3

Today, nearly 1% of pregnancies are said to be artificial pregnancies (using latest technologies like test-tube baby).


Fact #4

Studies say that the sperm count in today's men is comparatively lesser than the previous generation men. Maybe the lifestyle, pollution, stress, pesticides, chemicals and habits like smoking are the reasons.


Fact #5

Though it may sound strange, some miscarriages occur even before a woman realises that she's pregnant! Statistics suggest nearly 1 out of every 4 pregnancies may have chances to end up as miscarriage.


Fact #6

Yes, some couples do suffer with unexplained infertility. Even doctors fail to explain the reasons behind their inability to conceive.


Fact #7

Sperm needs to swim fast and swim to the right place to achieve the goal of pregnancy. Any obstacle on the way might reduce the chances of pregnancy.

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Story first published: Tuesday, February 9, 2016, 13:19 [IST]
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