Why Egg Is The Best Breakfast For Kids

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A recent study says that a protein-rich breakfast is healthier even for kids. Compared to oatmeal or other breakfast cereals, eggs can keep your kid feel full for a long time. And this indirectly helps your kid consume fewer calories.

Why Egg Is The Best Breakfast For Kids1

Researchers say that identifying healthy foods that can keep children full may surely help in minimising their intake of calories. This can even prevent childhood obesity. Though protein intake in the breakfast may not affect a kid's food intake in the dinner, it can surely impact the intake during lunch.

Why Egg Is The Best Breakfast For Kids2

As a part of the study, researchers observed the eating behaviour of nearly 40 kids who were around 8-10 years. Some of them were offered eggs and the rest were offered oatmeal and cereals. After breakfast, they were allowed to play games. The kids were kept under observation for three weeks. The kids who ate eggs for breakfast ate nearly 70 calories less on lunch.

Why Egg Is The Best Breakfast For Kids3

Generally, the overall day's calorie consumption of kids would be around 1500-1800 calories. If a kid requires 70 calories lesser than that, he or she would be away from the risk of childhood obesity.

Why Egg Is The Best Breakfast For Kids5

In fact, when a kid eats slightly higher than the regular intake, gradually fat starts accumulating and this is how childhood obesity starts.
So, now that researchers confirmed that a protein rich breakfast is better than cereals, parents can find healthy natural protein sources for their kids.

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Story first published: Monday, February 8, 2016, 12:47 [IST]
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