How Pets Benefit Child Development

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We all know that pets benefit your health. But do you know the fact that pets are also good for your child's development?Well, health experts say that kids enjoy their lives better when pets are around.

How Pets Benefit Child Development1

Also, a child's cognitive, emotional, social and physical growth can greatly be influenced by pets. A new study says that pets offer exercise to kids and this helps in enhancing the motor skills.

How Pets Benefit Child Development2

When kids walk or run with pets or when they play with pets, it offers a good physical activity. But parents need to take enough care to avoid any injuries to kids at least until the kid grows to an age of self sufficiency.

How Pets Benefit Child Development3

As pets don't need language to communicate, kids tend to easily interact with pets first until they learn to interact with human beings. Also, kids find pets very entertaining as they can keep observing the actions and movements of pets.

How Pets Benefit Child Development4

Also, pets give a chance for the kids to take care of other beings around. As kids love to feed the pets, walk with them and play with them, it would be a good learning experience.

How Pets Benefit Child Development5

And yes, pets are therapeutic. When kids develop emotional bonds with pets and enjoy the unconditional love, they no longer feel depressed. They feel cared for. In fact, when parents are not around, kids can spend time bonding with pets and this fills a vacuum in them.

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Story first published: Tuesday, February 9, 2016, 7:29 [IST]
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