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Bad Fathering Habits

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Let's admit it- fathering a child isn't easy. Generally, men work very hard to maintain their health and overall well being before marriage. They go to the gym regularly to look good too. But after marriage and after getting into the role of a father, they seldom find time to balance their work and private lives.

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That is the phase they carelessly eat, get some belly fat and also lose patience. As fathering a child requires tolerance, skills and some patience too it is better to transform into that role gradually.

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Driving rashly, quarreling with spouse or ignoring the welfare of the children would make you a bad father and it isn't healthy to raise kids like that. Now, let us discuss about certain bad fathering habits.



If you keep complaining about your issues, your kids may think that you regret being a father. Yes, fatherhood brings lots of burdens and responsibilities but it doesn't mean that that you keep lamenting. It spoils the positive spirit at home if you do so.


Shouting At Kids

Throwing your work related frustration on your kids doesn't make you a good father. Yes, kids do test patience and that is exactly what you might need to do- develop some patience as your temper may hurt kids and intimidate them.


Over Working

If you overwork and give all your time to office, your kids may feel ignored. Though work is important, wife and kids are also part of a happy life. Find a balance instead of overworking.


Ignoring Your Health

If your health suffers, how can you be there for your kids or wife when they truly need you? Therefore, take enough care.


Ignoring Culinary Skills

If your wife is out of station, you may need to cook for your kids as you can't get unhealthy hotel foods to feed your children. So, a good father might also need to cook sometimes.


Not Helping Your Wife

If you sit lazily all the time, your kids may learn that quality from you. Sometimes, it doesn't hurt if you help your wife clean the house.


Not Being Able To Control Your Kids

Sometimes, pampering may turn kids into demanding children. If you are not able to control that behaviour at that age, you might need to see spoilt brats when they reach teenage.


Favouring One Child Over The Other

It is better to love all your children equally instead of showing partiality. Ignored children may grow up into rebels.


Having Affairs

If you have the habit of flirting with other women and having affairs at workplace, you are setting a bad example to your kids. Also, your wife may soon plan to break the marriage which again impacts the future of the children.


Smoking And Drinking When Kids Are Around

This is one of the worst things to do as your kids might easily choose to get addicted when they grow up.

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Story first published: Thursday, February 18, 2016, 7:00 [IST]
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