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Does Parenting Affect Your Immunity?

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We all see how parenting affects us. It may stress you out a lot, deprive you of sleep and could worry you a lot. But a recent study says that parenting can also rewire your immunity.

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Researchers say that the immune system goes through lots of changes when you raise a child along with your partner. When researchers studied the immunity profiles of several parents, they came to this conclusion.

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Parenting is a challenge both physically and psychologically. This makes the human body adapt itself depending upon the stress levels and the hard work involved in it.

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Yes, parenting challenges your system just like any other environmental challenge that the body needs to overcome. After studying the immunity levels of more than a 500 people, researchers understood how the immunity rewires itself after parenting phase starts.

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Just like several others factors like obesity, gender and age of the person, even parenting seems to affect the immunity. Your body's immune system plays a very important role in guarding your health and wellbeing.

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As the challenges of parenting tend to affect your immunity, your resilience may increase. And as the joys of parenting gradually keep you happier, your tolerance and patience levels develop along with your immunity.

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Story first published: Wednesday, February 17, 2016, 11:12 [IST]
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