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How Mindful Eating Helps Kids

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Nowadays, even adults have forgotten the art of healthy eating. That is why junk foods have made their way into our lives. But now, a new study revealed the benefits of mindful eating in kids.

How Mindful Eating Helps Kids

If kids were taught how to mindfully eat their meal like a holy ritual, they tend to embrace healthy eating habits and maintain healthy weight.

How Mindful Eating Helps Kids2

As a part of the study, health experts observed and tracked two groups of kids around 300 kids in each group. The first group was allowed to eat as their wish whereas the second group was trained in mindful eating habits.

How Mindful Eating Helps Kids3

The group that was taught to eat mindfully gradually made it a habit to consciously eat with awareness every bit of the meal irrespective of what they were served. The digestion was improved in those kids. Also, more nutrients were absorbed by them compared to the other group.

How Mindful Eating Helps Kids5

Also, as time passed by, the kids who ate mindfully made healthy choices of food voluntarily. Generally, kids love unhealthy foods and tend to hate healthy foods. But when they were made to mindfully eat appreciating the flavour of every natural food, kids began to appreciate even healthy foods.

How Mindful Eating Helps Kids4

Therefore, health experts recommend training kids to eat mindfully and treat eating as a ritual that has to be carefully carried out like prayer in the daily activities.

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Story first published: Thursday, March 31, 2016, 9:20 [IST]
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