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Reasons For Allergies In Kids

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Allergy in kids is a common phenomenon nowadays. Because kids have low resistance power, they tend to suffer from different kinds of allergies. Continuous medication makes them weak and their immune system suffers.

Periodic allergies include autumn allergies that affect kids a lot. Inhalant allergens are elements that could trigger allergic reactions, when inhaled by very sensitive kids, in the ears, nose, and throat.

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reasons for allergy in kids

Inhalant allergens are split into two types based on their continuity: perennial and seasonal. Kids who suffer from perennial allergies suffer throughout the year.

In case your children suffer from seasonal allergies, you must be more careful on windy days and in the morning. Wind pollinated plants produce large sums of pollen grains which are easily released in the wind. Pollen is most frequently released in the mornings. These cause allergies.

reasons for allergy in kids

Most kids suffer from nasal allergies, often the most typical chronic respiratory illness. Allergic rhinitis is a condition defined by the body's resistance system mistaking materials in the atmosphere, which the child breathes, as criminals and assaults them.

Seasonal allergic rhinitis, or periodic allergies, is due to common outdoor contaminants and it is often referred to as hay fever, while interior allergic rhinitis, or traditional allergies, is usually activated by allergens like animal dander, house dust mite or cockroaches.

reasons for allergy in kids

Do not take the allergies that your child suffers from for the common cold. Allergic reactions can cause fever, sneezing, throat pain, nasal discharge and aches and pain.

Though nasal allergies are not considered to be life threatening, they can seriously affect the quality of your child's life. They cannot go outside and play, travel and socialize. Nasal allergies can seriously restrict your child's life if not treated properly.

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reasons for allergy in kids

Another type of allergy is the food allergy that some kids suffer from. Kids might be allergic to milk or wheat or coco powder or sometimes even vegetables like brinjal. Some kids are allergic to eggs and sea food.

As parents you should watch for these items and check whether they are allergic to it. Allergic reactions should be treated as soon as possible or they can prevent a kid from enjoying his life as a child.

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Story first published: Sunday, July 3, 2016, 18:30 [IST]
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