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How To Know If Your Child Has ADHD?

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Do you have a toddler who is overactive most of the time and seems to never stop with his/her distracted behaviour and impulsive activities?

Are you tried of trying to control your hyperactive kid and are you also worried that he/she may have a behavioural disorder?

If yes, then may be your concern has a legitimate reasoning behind it. After all, as a parent, you observe your child closely on a daily basis, and certain abnormal behavioral patterns are quite easily noticeable.

However, many a times, even parents can mistake slightly different behaviour patterns of their kids to be something abnormal and serious, unnecessarily worrying themselves!

When to children, sometimes, it is hard to tell if certain behavioural patterns they exhibit are symptoms of learning/behavioural disorders or not.

ADHD (attention deficient hyperactivity disorder) is one such disorder in which it can be quite difficult to determine if the child is suffering from it, or if he/she is simply very energetic and overactive!

So, before you start worrying, have a look at how to determine if your child actually has ADHD or not.


1. Emotional Roller-Coaster

Children with ADHD have extreme difficulties in controlling their emotions, they may resort to throwing things, shouting, crying incessantly and even hurt themselves, which are not normal for a young child.


2. Apathy

Usually, children with ADHD exhibit signs of complete apathy, wherein they do not think about the other people around them, which may prove to have negative consequences in schools and group activities.


3. Constant Fidgeting

Kids with ADHD find it extremely hard to remain still even for a few minutes and they can be seen constantly fidgeting with something.


4. Extreme Lack Of Focus

While it is normal for young kids to have less focus on things, children with ADHD have no focus at all and cannot concentrate on school work or any other activity even for a few minutes!


5. Cannot Follow Instructions

Kids with ADHD have a hard time in sticking to simple rules and following instructions, which can affect their studies and everyday activities.


6. Spacing Out

Many a times, children with ADHD are seen lost in their own thoughts, completely ignorant to what is happening around them.


7. Repetition

Kids with ADHD can also be seen repeating the same actions or words, again again, even though they do not make sense!

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Story first published: Wednesday, July 20, 2016, 13:30 [IST]
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