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Does Noise Hamper A Kid's Grasping Power?

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When your toddler fails to grasp new words, then you must first notice certain conditions like distractions in the learning environment. When noises from TV, music system, traffic or other sounds are present in the learning environment, then the kid may feel distracted.

Does Noise Hamper A Kid's Grasping Power

The overall foundation of your kid's leaning starts from learning new words. And if the rate of learning words dips, the rate of learning itself gets hampered.

Does Noise Hamper A Kid's Grasping Power2

A new study claims that toddlers fail to learn fast when they are exposed to a noisy background that distracts them. This impacts their memory too. On the other side of the coin, kids who sit in a silent background tend to grasp new words faster.

Does Noise Hamper A Kid's Grasping Power3

Only when there are no distractions, kids can pick up new words and connect their brains to the meanings of those words. Vocabulary would then be enriched.

Does Noise Hamper A Kid's Grasping Power4

Noise can impact cognitive skills and can also affect the heart rate and cortisol levels. Therefore, parents may need to monitor the levels of noises in the area where kids sit to learn.

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Story first published: Monday, July 25, 2016, 11:39 [IST]
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