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Myths Busted: Vaccine For Kids


Vaccinations are a must to prevent the many diseases that are considered to be deadly. It is always advised to follow a perfect vaccination schedule for your child, right from the birth. This will keep their immune system active against many infections. With the development in the field of vaccination, we are able to keep a whole lot of deadly diseases at bay.

But, even when there are many initiatives from all sides to spread the awareness about the importance of vaccination, there are many myths that still many people believe. Know that vaccination is a process to make sure that your child is not affected by any of the life threatening diseases.

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Vaccination is a topic of debate now days that focuses mainly on the side effects and safety issues. Instead of blindly believing the myths, it is important to know the science and facts behind it. This will help you make the right decisions to keep your baby safe from many deadly diseases.

There are some vaccines that should be administered at the proper age for better results. So, it is all the more important to recognise the importance of vaccines lest it becomes too late.

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The following are the common 5 vaccine myths busted.

Vaccines Are Not Necessary – There are people who believe that better hygiene and sanitation will make diseases disappear and vaccinations are not necessary. Many parents believe that immunizations are better in the natural form than by vaccinations. But, there are many other diseases that can spread irrespective of how clean you are.

Long Term Side Effects – One of the important vaccination myths busted busted by science is that the reactions and side-effects caused by the vaccines are long lasting. Reactions like a sore arm or a mild fever is common, but this will not cause long term side effects. Some vaccinations like Hepatitis-B vaccines require booster doses. One of the top vaccine myths busted is that giving vaccinations for more than one time can weaken the child’s immune system.

Linked To Sudden Infant Death Syndrome(Sids) –This myth is common because the vaccination for tetanus, diphtheria and whooping cough are given at the age when SIDS can occur. Connecting vaccination with other causes of infant death is the reason for the myth. This can be considered as the one in the top of the list of vaccination myths busted for kids.

The Disease Is Eradicated - This is yet another among vaccine myths busted that vaccination is not necessary if the disease is already eradicated. With the help of vaccinations; many diseases are eradicated from many parts of the world. But, the fact is that you are always under the risk of getting those infections at any time, no matter how strongly we believe that the disease is eradicated.

Pregnant women cannot take vaccines - This is one of the most common vaccine myths busted. There are some specific vaccines like chicken pox that pregnant women should not take But, at the same time, there are many vaccinations that are designed especially for pregnant women. These generally depend on the country you live in, risks of getting any particular disease and the occupation of the person.

Vaccinations are the first step for a healthy living. Remember these 5 vaccine myths busted and never skip any of the recommended vaccination for a better living.

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