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Rabies In Dogs: Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis And Treatment
Caused by the Rabies lyssavirus, rabies is a viral infection that affects the brain and spinal cord of all mammals, including dogs, cats, monkeys, bats and humans. The dog has been and still is the primary cause of rabies in India ...
Bronchopneumonia: Symptoms, Diagnosis And Treatment
Bronchopneumonia is a type of pneumonia that causes the lungs to be inflamed . Symptoms can be mild to severe and usually include breathing issues, fever and coughing. This illness can be caused due to bacterial, viral or fungal chest ...
Bronchopneumonia Causes Symptoms Treatment Prevention
Can Vaccination Be Given If Your Baby Has Cold Or Cough?
Every parent wants that his or her little one should be well immune to deal with the challenges of life. The most common challenge that affect almost everyone (from the cradle to the deathbed) is that of illness. Thus, as parents, ...
World Immunization Day 2018: 12 Important Facts About Immunization
This week is the World Immunization Week (April 24th - April 30th) and it aims to highlight the collective action needed to ensure that every person is protected from vaccine-preventable diseases. This year, the World Immunization Week 2018 theme is "Protected ...
World Immunization Day 2018 12 Important Facts About Immunization
Keep This In Mind When You Get A Flu Vaccination
Being in a good mood when you get a flu vaccination may increase its protective effects, scientists including one of Indian origin have found. Researchers from University of Nottingham in the UK examined several psychological and behavioural factors that have been ...
Difference Between Painless & Painful Vaccinations
Vaccination has an important role in keeping a human being free from many serious diseases. Apart from that, vaccination is the key factor that contributes to keeping many deadly diseases at bay, throughout the world. Administering vaccines can be painless or ...
Difference Between Painless And Painfull Vaccination
Vaccination Myths Busted With Their Facts
Vaccinations are important. How many of you parents agree so? Vaccinations should be given to a child so as to ensure that there is a better development with the little one in the future. Doctors suggest parents to take up the ...
Myths Busted: Vaccine For Kids
Vaccinations are a must to prevent the many diseases that are considered to be deadly. It is always advised to follow a perfect vaccination schedule for your child, right from the birth. This will keep their immune system active against many ...
Vaccine Myths Busted
When Was Your Last Tetanus Shot Taken?
Most of us ignore small wounds and scratches thinking we have taken a tetanus shot sometime in our childhood. Wake up, the vaccination shot given to you in your childhood will not protect you ten years later. In fact, you need ...
A Newborn's Vaccination – Why Is It Important?
Once your baby is born, she spends the first few days familiarising herself with the new surroundings. She accustoms herself to the bright lights, colours, smells and faces. She also has build her immunity to fight against various diseases and illness. ...
Newborn Vaccination Schedule 300611 Aid
leukemia Treatment With New Trial Vaccine
Cancer, the most dangerous disease which still does not have a definite cure, is now being experimented on by the researchers and practitioners of Southampton. They have invented a leukemia vaccine which will be for the first time be put on ...
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