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10 Tips To develop Patience In Toddlers


It is not easy to develop patience in toddlers. For that, parents need to be patient first. Unless you can spend time and wait patiently, you will not be able to cultivate such qualities in your children. Most of the kids are restless when they are too young. They tend to make a mess of everything. They are restless and disorganised. But gradually, they will learn patience if you teach them.

Simple Chores For Kids

There are a few ways through which you can cultivate patience in toddlers. In this article, let us briefly discuss them. If you have a kid, carefully go through these points but once you finish reading, find better ways using your own ideas as you know your kid's behaviour better. But ensure that you don't lose patience in the whole process of developing patience in toddlers. You just need to wait till things fall in place.


Gradually Build It

Once your kid is more than a year old, you must focus on developing patience in toddlers. Gradually, make them wait even for things that they don't need to wait for.


Teach Time

Slowly, tell your kids about 'time'. You can use the following sentences:

The dinner will be served after 5 minutes.

We shall go out for shopping after 15 minutes.


Teach About Controlling Impulses

Patience can be cultivated only through self control. As children, we all have been restless acting on impulses but gradually we have learnt self control. So, teach your kid about that.


Activities That Require Patience

Choose an activity and teach the same to your kids. For example, if you teach basic cooking, it would be a good idea. Cooking involves waiting and carefully preparing the dish in the right way. This is one of the tips to build patience in toddlers.



Whenever your child stays patient, praise or congratulate. This will help your kid understand that he has done something right. This way, developing patience in toddlers becomes easy.


Keep Smiling And Be Patient

How to build patience in toddlers? Well, keep smiling and be patient first. If you display the quality of patience, your kid will soon learn.



Choose fun activities that require patience. Let your kids learn being patient through such games. This is important when developing patience in toddlers.


Make Waiting Pleasant

When there is unity and love even hard work can be effortless. Make your kid feel that he is a part of a happy unit called family. This will help him learn unpleasant things like patience too.


The Reasons

Show some examples to your kids. Explain how great people have become successful because of patience. This will surely help. Congratulate your kid when he or she wins in something.


Ban Videogames

It is better to minimise the exposure to vido games until your kid learns the virtue of patience. This is very important when cultivating patience in toddlers.

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