Common Sleep Disorders In Kids

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it is mandatory to sleep at least for 10 hours in a day. Children tend to grow in their sleep and moreover, it helps them stay healthy.

However, most of the kids nowadays are suffering with sleep disorders. Experts state that modern parents complain that their kids are not able to sleep for more than 4 to 5 hours in the day. This little amount of sleep is also disturbed with bed-wetting and nightmares which result in sleep screaming and even sleep walking.

Concerned parents state that due to these common sleep disorders in kids, children undergo a major change in their behavior, mental and physical health. On the other hand, there are situations when the kid simply isn't ready to go to sleep, and if this simple issue is persistent, it may be because of sleeping disorder that needs to be looked into immediately.

Experts state there are 7 common sleep disorders in kids. Boldsky has listed these sleep problems that children face; if your child is a victim, make sure he or she is taken to a specialist.



This is usually a family history problem. If no, it could be a problem with the child's bladder control or an emotional problem which needs to be examined.


Terrible Nightmares

This is another common sleep disorder in children between the ages of 3 and 6 years. The problem fades away after the age of 6. It usually occurs in the night.



If this is a persistent problem, the kid needs to be taken for a tonsils and adenoids test. Usually, after the removal of the tonsils, the snoring habit will significantly be reduced.


Sleep Screaming

In cases like these, the child rarely remembers the episode the next morning. During sleep screaming, the child undergoes major amount of stress where a lot of pressure is applied on the brain, resulting in other health issues if not treated at the earliest.


Sleep Walking

Children who experience sleep walking are at a ripe age of 8 to 10 years. Sleep walking is caused due to a mental trauma or tension. In some cases, children who are under high amounts of 'insecurity' face this sleep problem.


Daytime Sleepiness

Children who have the fear of darkness face this sleep disorder problem. Parents have to be a good support to their children and ensure that they step out of this problem on their own, by facing their fears.


Disturbed Sleep Patterns

This common sleep disorder in kids occurs when the child finds it difficult to fall asleep because of excessive fears or worries. At this stage, if proper attention is not given, the child may suffer depression and will suffer cognitive behavioural problems.

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