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Stop Trying To Be A Super Mom!

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Most working mothers have this notion that they can manage everything; their home, kids and office without ever having a single hair ruffled. But being a super mom is not as much fun as you think. Most women go back to work after having a baby these days. This phenomenon comes with its own set of troubles.

Every mother will have apprehensions about leaving her kids behind when she is at work. That is why they try to compensate by stretching themselves out of the limit. There is a strange pleasure that mothers get when they are called super moms. However, the extra stress that busy mothers take on themselves can be easily avoided if they follow these simple parenting strategies.

Super Mom

Ask For Help: You need to ask your partner for help when you need it. You may be a super mom, but unless you are a super hero too, you cannot be at several places at the same time. So, you need to ask your partner to share the responsibilities. It will make things easier for both of you.

Have A Support System: Day care centres will do the job. But what working mothers really need is a support system at home. You must convince your parents or in laws to live with you. If they cannot live with you, then maybe they can live near by. It will relieve of a lot of undue stress in emergency situations.

Hire A Domestic Help: By domestic help we do not mean the lady who comes in morning, does the dishes, cleans the house and walks away. You need a full time domestic help at home if you are a working mother with a high flying career. You have to invest both time and money for training this person, but it will be worth it.

Never Compromise On Your Time: Every human being needs time for themselves. Just because you are a busy mother does not mean that you cannot catch up with friends over a cup of coffee or go to the spa for a pedicure. You need to indulge yourself a little to stay in the right frame of mind. If you don't then you will be cranky and irritable all the time.

Do Not Bring Work Home: Many working mothers feel that they are not giving their best at work because of their duties at home. So, they try to compensate by bringing their work home. This will spell doomsday for both your family and work. You will be distracted at home and not be able to give your 100 per cent. At the same time you will not be giving your kids any quality time. You end up losing on both fronts.

Being a super mom may be cool but being a human is more important. Even if you are a mother, you will have your human failings. Learn to accept them and move on. What is your definition of a super mom?

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Story first published: Tuesday, November 6, 2012, 16:30 [IST]
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