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Are You Being A Monster Mother?

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Most of us believe that every woman has an inbuilt capacity to be a mother. However, there is nothing instinctive about a woman's nature that propels her to be a good mother. It is just social conditioning that teaches a woman to take the role of a mother. So do not frown when you we tell you that there can be women who become monster mothers!

Parenting kids is the toughest job in the world. So before you get into it, make sure you are up for it. It is pretty important to know when to have a baby so that you do not become a monster mother. Here are some of the signs to know that you are being a monster mother.

Are You Being A Monster Mother?

1.Resent The Child: You were once a busy and successful woman, but you had to quit at the peak of your career because you got pregnant. Now you are sitting at home and do not have the confidence to go back to work. You resent the baby for your predicament.

Verdict: Always be sure on when to have a baby so that you do not resent later. Remember, your baby did not drop from the skies; you are responsible for bringing him/her into this world.

2. Marital Tension: Some women feel that their child actually belongs to their husband. So if their husband doesn't care for them any more, they do not owe the kids anything. You are having major issues with your husband and in all that tension you refuse to cook one day. You feel that if the kids stay hungry, at least their father will learn a lesson.

Verdict: The kids are as much yours as they are your husband's. So punishing them for your marital problems makes you a monster mother.

3.The Strict Disciplinarian: Discipline is a very important part of parenting kids. However, if it is overdone, you will drive your kids away from you. You think very deeply about the future of your kids and the kind of atmosphere they are being brought up in. You also feel that their father is spoiling them. So you become too high handed with them and they start avoiding you.

Verdict: You can compensate for your husband by being overly strict with your kids. Be normal and discipline them only as much as required.

4. Your Own Nightmare: Some women just totally lack maternal instincts and have babies only to fulfil what is expected of them. You just don't see yourself as a 'mother'. But now you are parenting kids and doing household chores. In short, you have turned into your own nightmare!

Verdict: If you feel you do not fit into the role of a mother, then you better not have a baby Lady Macbeth!

Some women do make bad mothers and that is a fact that we have to live with. Do you think you are being a monster mother without wanting to be one?

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