Tackling Nail Biting In Kids

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Kids Nail Biting
Is it getting really difficult to stop your child from biting nails? Well, the problem is common. Apart form being a bad habit, it is also not good for health. The dirt and germs in the nails are quite dangerous and can cause infection so stopping nail biting is definitely a task that has to be tackled immediately. Take a look.

Easy Tricks To Stop Kids From Biting Nails

1. Make him understand that nail biting is a bad habit and that his friends would laugh at him if he continues doing it. Kids always want themselves to be treated big so tell him that big guys don't nail bite and the act is a baby act. He will stop it right away.

2. Reward him if he has considerably reduced nail biting. Gifts will bring change within him and help in a positive development.

3. Trim his nails well and teach him to cut nails every 15 days without miss. As a mother you can even apply polish on the nail he bites. The bitter taste of the nail colour will force him to leave the bad habit. One of the best nail biting remedies.

4. Kids bite nails when they are scared or bored so engaging them in some activity such as puzzles, craft work and book reading will divert their attention to positive things and help get over with the bad habit.

5. Replace the colourful flowers on the dining table with sugar candies (lollipops). This will attract kids to chew candies rather than eat up their fingers bit by bit.

6. Never abuse or scold the child when he is into some unpleasant habits. These will make kids more arrogant, ignorant and stubborn. Love and care is the only way to draw them out of things.

7. Replace sugar candies with a joystick or a mouse as your child grows up. Video and computer games will keep him engaged all day long. Children like games so their mind is occupied and as parents even you have successfully accomplished to task to stop nail biting.

Parenting is no joke as there is no substitute in a good upbringing. These simple parenting tips also suggest ideas on tackling bad habits in children.

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Story first published: Tuesday, November 29, 2011, 11:41 [IST]
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