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How To Stop Kids From Hitting?

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Kids Hitting
Kids are like flowers, tender and plain at heart. Certain bad habits in children are learnt from the elders which is where upbringing plays an important part. When couple quarrel in front of kids, they are indirectly giving ideas to kids to follow their way to get things done. Children shout, cry and quarrel just to get what they want. They even hit people without analysing whether good or bad.

As parents, it is your duty to imbibe values and manners in kids. It is very easy to preach but following is also necessary. Habits and hygiene needs to come from childhood else it is impossible to implement in the later stage. Take a look at the tips to stop kids from hitting.

Tips For Parents To Stop Their Kids From Hitting

1. Do not hit back when your kid hits you as he sees it as a play or timepass. Warn him that you will not take him to the park or allow him to play if he repeats the act again. As a mother, shower love and care on him so that he doesn't feel like doing these things to you.

2. If he gets extremely stubborn and unmanageable, create a 'dark room' in the house (the room need not have to be dark) and ask your kid to throw all his frustration in the room. This will help him calm down and come back to normal.

3. Make him learn yoga and relaxation exercises to calm his frustration and anger. The exercise also helps in keeping him fit physically as well as mentally.

4. Everytime you feel like hitting your kid, kiss him. A kiss can make a lot of difference and has the power to communicate emotions. Even if he tries to copy you, it is still fine.

5. Never allow children to play games that involve slapping, shooting or hitting as they will also learn what the characters enact. Teach them craft and involve them into activities to divert their energy for positive development.

As a parent, never embarrass or irritate the child when you know he is not liking it. Teaching, preaching and warning needs to be private.
Introduce him to words like please, sorry and thank you. These words will definitely help in shaping his behaviour.

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Story first published: Wednesday, November 30, 2011, 12:48 [IST]
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