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What To Feed Kids During Fever?

Fever in kids is very common. But for almost all parents it is nothing short of a nightmare to feed their kids healthy food when they have fever. Anyways kids and toddlers are very fussy about eating, on top of that when they have high temperature they become all the more reluctant to eat. Harsh antibiotics kill the taste in their mouth with a coating of bitter taste when kids have fever. Despite all these issues it is essential for your child to eat if he or she has to recover quickly. So as parents what do you do?

Here are some fever food ideas for your you to feed your your kid when he/she has fever.

Food For Kids During Fever:

1. Dalia or Broken Wheat: This dish of Dalia or broken wheat can be made very interesting by adding vegetables and a blob of butter. If you cook it in the pressure cooker for the duration of 3 whistles then it will be almost semi solid and thus easy to slip into the mouth of your kids during fever. It will take care of all your kid's nutrition needs for carbohydrates that are healthy. A bowl of piping hot dalia could just be less of a fight than any other food is with your kids.

2. Chicken or Vegetable Broth: Healthy food for your kids when they are unwell should be such that they do not have to struggle too much with the eating part. Fluids are best for this purpose but they cannot just live on water. If your kids refuse to chew their food then give them soups or broth. Boil all the vegetables (and chicken if you are a non vegetarian together), add pepper and butter to make it tasty. You can take out the solids from it after squeezing them so that it is easy to pour down the throat.

3. Spinach Soup: Spinach is rich in vitamins and and very filling. Just boil the spinach leafs with a little salt, pepper and butter. It cooks very quickly so preparing it will not take you away from attending you kid during fever for long. You will be done in 5 minutes and your kid can have a deep green mushy casserole ready to eat.

4. Diary Products Bad For Fever: It is the natural tendency of a mother to force the child to have a glass of milk when he or she has fever but it is a very bad tactic. Reserve the goodness of milk for other occasions because milk and milk products are not the best fever food to have. There is every chance that the child feels nauseous or pukes after drinking milk. Milk is difficult to digest and during fever the digestive system is already weakened.

Use these parenting tips to choose the right kid of healthy food for your kids when they are unwell so that they eat well.

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Story first published: Thursday, October 20, 2011, 12:11 [IST]
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