Children Books About Helen Keller

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Children Books Helen Keller
Yesterday was one of the memorable days as it was Helen Keller's birthday. Helen Keller is a truly inspiring woman for the current generation as she was specially enabled (deaf and dumb), her struggle to learn through sign language would enourage children of all ages. An Indian movie titled "Black" was based on Helen Keller's story and speaks how the girl discovered language through pronounciations "w-a-t-e-r". Today we would want to pay tribute to Keller by introducing some of the children books written on her. Mums can can boost their child's confidence by talking about the struggle of the lady.
Children's Books About Helen Keller -

1. A Girl Named Helen Keller - This book is easy to read fot the 1 & 2 grades. The book introduces Helen Keller to children her struggles of life and learning words from her teacher Anne Sullivan. The book speaks a lot things like her accomplishments as an adult, her triumph of learning words with the last page of the book providing a sign language chart. Young kids will love to read the heartfelt adventure of the baby who lost its sight and hearing when it was just months old.

2. A Picture Book of Helen Keller - The children book is truly colorful as it pictorially narrates the story of Helen Keller. Kids aged between 4-8 will like reading the book as even if they cannot read the long sentences, the pictures can help them understand. A nice way to introduce the inspiring character. The book is written by David A. Adler and the biography series is one of the best works of the author. His other works include Cam Jansen mysteries and the Andy Russell titles.

3. Helen Keller: Courage in the Dark - Talking about Helen's indomitable will and her interest to learn. The children book speaks on Helen's triumphs and the techniques that were adopted by her teacher to help her learn. The amazing tru story is wriiten keeping in mind for kids aged between 4-8. Although the story talks about the person's complexities it is written according ot the beginner reader level.

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