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Diwali Shopping Tips For Kids - Advising Safety

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It is impossible to stop kids from bursting crackers during Diwali. The expensive Diwali dress gets dirty, smoky and becomes a turn off for many mommies but all that we want to tell them is “chillax" as some quick Diwali shopping tips will help you make kids enjoy the day and also not compromise playing with fireworks. Sneak a peek.

Diwali Shopping For Kids – Tips

1. If you are planning to purchase new clothes for kids prefer those materials that are easy to wash and maintain. Avoid silk as it is simply difficult to wash and nylon, for its weak property (if catches flame, burns out in seconds).

2. While shopping for your kids dress, always choose a full armed shirt or dress as he must be well protected while playing with fire. Never choose to loose or baggy outfits for boys as they may fall or slip while running or in a hurry which may lead to accidents.

3. Your child may make a fuss to make you buy her a ghagra or salwar as part of the Diwali shopping but see to it that she doesn't wear a duppatta while lighting fireworks. The duppatta has been one of the causes for Diwali tragic deaths and other injuries.

4. Never apply a makeup to your child's eyes and get your child a short haircut (a cut that covers the eyes) as she get disturbed while lighting risky crackers. Ask her to wear a hair band and her funny goggles while doing so. These safety tips are generally ignored but there are occasions where the makeup of kids come in contact with the firework chemicals and have caused damage to the eyes.

5. During your Diwali shopping, do not choose heel or any fancy slipper that makes your child difficult to run. Heel slippers may not only make your child slip in a hurry and fall but also cause sprain so avoid these from your kids dress shopping list.

Keep your children clothing as simple and elegant as possible. May this Diwali 2011 be a safe Diwali for your family. Get practical and follow some strict safety rules as it will help you to peacefully enjoy the wonderful festival of lights.

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Story first published: Monday, October 17, 2011, 12:23 [IST]
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