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What You Should Know About Contraceptive Pills

By Shabana Khachi

Men and women are so different from each other. One worries about the bank balance they possess and obsesses about the latest in gadgets and technology. The other is worried about more important things in life, such as which kind of contraception methods are safe to use.

Pregnancy is a big concern in a woman's life, after she reaches sexual maturity and becomes sexually active. Though it should be a thing that should actively be discussed among the partners, men often are clueless about the whole fuss around contraception and so, women have to take the gun onto themselves (if you know what we mean!!!!).

Because of the societal taboo regarding the topic of sex and anything related to it, women often do not take advice regarding the safe methods of contraception from a medical practitioner in the fear of being judged.

Therefore, they take it upon themselves and try to self prescribe on contraceptives. This has become much easier now because of ads regarding contraceptives on televisions and widely available resource material on internet.

These contraceptive tablets are easily and widely available, which further increases the chances of their exploitation. They are also the most commonly used contraceptive methods among couples for their ease of use.

Contraceptives are medications taken by sexually active women in order to avoid unwanted pregnancies. They work by suppressing the ovulation process of the body by either the amount of oestrogen or progestin, which makes the body believe that you are already pregnant.

This stops the eggs from leaving the ovaries and thereby prevents the fertilization process altogether. As these medications play with the hormones of our body, it is extremely dangerous to self-medicate, as there are many chances of things going wrong.

Here are a few things you need to know about when it comes to taking contraceptive pills.


1) There Are Different Types Of Contraceptive Pills:

A particular brand of contraceptive pills recommended by your friend may not work on you or may give you horrible side effects. That's because your body is different from hers and something that suits her may not work on you. Most common contraceptive pills contain oestrogen and an awful lot of women react very adversely to it. Therefore, it is always better to visit a doctor who will prescribe you a pill suiting your body needs.


2) They Are 99% Effective If Taken As Prescribed:

Contraceptive pills are indeed famous because of the fact that they are super effective. But to receive that effectiveness, you need to follow the prescription strictly. These pills need to be taken regularly, every single day that too at the same time every day. Do it if you are a stickler to strict schedules or skip it if you are not.


3) They Do Not Prevent You From STDs:

This is the downside of these pills. Although they prevent the chances of pregnancy, they do provide protection against STDs like herpes or AIDS. So unless you are with a trusted partner, always insist on protected sex to keep yourself safe.


4) They Regularize Your Menstrual Cycle:

Contraceptives are a boon for women with irregularities in their periods, as these pills regulate the monthly cycle for them. In fact, you can delay your period in case of an upcoming important event just by continuing the pills for a few days after the usual 21 days cycle.


5) They Provide Solutions To Some Women With Health Problems:

Contraceptives pills have been used to treat many other medical conditions in women such as polycystic ovaries, endometriosis and acne. They can even treat certain conditions relating to fertility.


6) They Have Side Effects:

This fact is commonly known to all women who decide to take contraceptive pills because their negative effects surpass their positive ones!!! Side effects commonly associated with these pills include spotting, nausea, vomiting, breast tenderness and even migraines. Sudden weight gain or weight loss is also associated with birth control pills if you are taking the wrong kind.


7) You Will Remain Infertile For Some Time After You Stop Taking Pills:

In case you have decided to get pregnant and stop the pills, you will not get pregnant immediately. Your body would need some time to get back to its normal cycle. This may take any time between days to months, depending on your body.


8) There Are Certain Medications That Affect The Working Of These Pills:

People taking other medications or supplements may have to consult a doctor before taking these, as these medications interfere with the contraceptive pills and reduce their effectiveness.


9) Emergency Contraceptive Pills Are Not Very Effective:

If you are not on regular contraceptive pills, then an emergency contraceptive pill should be consumed immediately after unprotected intercourse. However, it needs to be noted that they are not that effective and cannot be relied on frequently.


10) They Do Not Cause Breast Cancer:

A lot of rumours doing the rounds about these pills causing breast cancer are extremely false. There is more evidence every day proving this fact. This means to say that contraceptive pills do not cause major harm in women and are completely effective if they are taken as prescribed.

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Story first published: Saturday, February 10, 2018, 9:00 [IST]